Alien fruit in “Another Life” is actually a rambutan 

Rambutans on Netflix
Image adapted from: @hash_1993 and Dr. Axe

Though portrayed as an ‘alien fruit’, Malaysians and our neighbours from nearby countries would know that rambutans are anything but alien — we’ve been eating them since young! This tropical fruit is loved for its sweet, translucent flesh and is just as yummy as longans and lychees. 

Well, it seems like the producers of Netflix series Another Life have taken the beloved rambutan and made into a fruit native to an alien moon. 

On Friday (26 Jul), Twitter user Kopi Panas shared a short clip of the scene in Another Life, where the characters had found an extraterrestrial fruit. The fellow Malaysian was obviously amused to have recognised the alien fruit to be a rambutan and netizens had the same reaction. The tweet has since garnered over 10,000 retweets and almost 9,000 likes.

Tweet about Netflix rambutan
Image credit: @hash_1993

Rambutans do have questionable appearances

We can’t blame the show’s producers for thinking that the rambutan would be appropriate for depicting an alien fruit, considering the hairy fruit would look pretty alien to those unfamiliar with it. 

Image credit: Costa Fresh

After taking a closer look at it, we totally understand where the producers were coming from. Rambutans really do look like berries from another planet and we can definitely see them being  a favourite snack of extraterrestrial beings. 

And if you were wondering why the characters were awkwardly rubbing the rambutan flesh onto their lips, it was likely to test if the fruit was poisonous or not. If only they knew how delicious it was, they’d probably go foraging for more. 

Rambutan on 'Another Life'
Image adapted from: @has_1993

Netizens react with extraterrestrial jokes

When the regular ol’ rambutan gets the Hollywood treatment and is portrayed as a fruit from a moon somewhere, you can expect Malaysians to come up with some pretty hilarious jokes of their own. 

Image credit: @KelsonChong

Kelson’s tweet can be translated as:

I got an extraterrestrial tree behind my house. After this I can do the ritual of rubbing the fruit on my guests’ lips lol. 

This guy finally found out the reason why rambutans are so hairy — because they’re from outer space. 

Image credit: @acrxnym

Using a picture of a bunch of rambutans, presumably grown in his backyard, this Twitter user concluded that his house was located on the moon.

Image credit: @saudin90

His tweet can be translated as:

My house is on the moon.

Rambutans steal the spotlight in Netflix’s Another Life

Durians have been hogging the spotlight for a while now – being the king of fruits and it’s durian season – as there’s always new announcements of durian-based delicacies being released. But now it seems that rambutans are suddenly super popular thanks to Another Life. It seems like Malaysians are always going to remember that one time a Netflix show used a rambutan as a prop for an alien fruit. 

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