Nasi lemak order comes with surprise bowl

Nasi lemak comes with a side of bowl in Malaysia
Malaysian man finds a bowl in his nasi lemak order
Image adapted from: @Afqaz & Vibrant Home

Many Malaysians have been utilising food delivery services since the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia began. 

But while most of us get cups of bubble tea and takeaway food without a hitch, this Malaysian man found a bowl left in his nasi lemak order while breaking fast during Ramadan. And it’s having Malaysians in stitches and coming out full force with jokes over the whole ordeal. 

Bowl gets left behind in nasi lemak order

Whether it’s bungkus or panas, cafe or road-side, we all know and love nasi lemak for its tasty fragrant rice that comes with spicy and crunchy sides. Heck, Malaysians love it so much that some in Penang got arrested for queueing up for illegally-sold nasi lemak at 2AM during the MCO.

But Twitter user @Afqaz had a whole new experience with our favourite dish. He shared his hilarious story on Twitter detailing how his nasi lemak order came with a pink plastic bowl that was presumably used to pack the rice in his order.

Nasi lemak with bowl
It was the typical plastic bowl most warungs use to serve their rice neatly.
Image adapted from: @Afqaz

According to @Afqaz’s post, he was breaking fast during Ramadan when he came across the unlikely free gift. His post, riddled with jokes about the hilarious sighting of the bowl holding his rice together, can be translated from Malay to English as the following: 

“Seldom am I entertained while breaking fast. But today when breaking fast, I cannot stop laughing because of a surprise. Is it real? Is it a free gift? Confirm the brother who scoop the rice must have had a headache looking for his lost rice scooper bowl”. 

Original Twitter post
Original post on Twitter.
Image adapted from: @Afqaz

Netizens joke about the lost rice scooper bowl

Twitter comment 1“This is a free gift. Maybe you’re the 99th customer”.
Image adapted from: @shytoonnirojim

Netizens wasted no time to flock his post with reactions, with over 32,000 retweets and 27,000 likes and counting since it was posted on 5th May 2020. Many agreed in humour that the bowl was a free gift from the restaurant, even joking that he must be the “99th customer” to get so lucky. 

Others couldn’t help but be reminded of Cinderella and her lost shoe, but in this case, the rice scooper and his lost bowl.  

Cinderella comment
”Cinderella lost her shoe. This kid lost his bowl. Look for him, who knows you might find your match”.
Image adapted from: @johanjohari__

Some even joked that the bowl was included for heat-keeping reasons and spillage safety so that the rice stays in tip-top condition even through the delivery process. 

Twitter comment 3
“He’s just trying to make sure the rice is safe and not spilling over. Or maybe it’s just to retain it at optimum temperature”.
Image adapted from: @syafiq_berkicau

Many more came out to assure him that it was all okay as long as there’s rice under the bowl and that sambal was not left behind. It only goes to show Malaysians’ true priorities when it comes to nasi lemak and their undying love for it. 

Sambal comment
“This is okay, as long as there’s sambal”.
Image adapted from: @danialazlann

Nasi lemak order comes with surprise side of bowl

No doubt, this year’s MCO restrictions on eateries and bazaars have made it challenging for those observing Ramadan while having to work. This is why no one is blaming the rice scooper for the hilarious faux pas. As it’s bringing up some harmless and much-needed humour, the rice scooper and his lost bowl is an unlikely Malaysian adaptation of Cinderella that is a gift that keeps on giving.   

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