Myvi “flies” past 50m-wide drain in JB

Mention Myvi to Malaysians and they’ll likely tell you how popular these cars are on the road – but not for reasons one might think. Affordability aside, Myvis are often caught on camera in almost improbable and confirm wackiest situations that have made memes aplenty about them online.

The latest addition is this Myvi that drive right through a bush and “flew” over a 50m-wide drain in JB. The incident has since gone viral online, with many netizens trying their best to explain how the car managed to pull off such a feat. 

Myvi “flies” over wide drain goes viral online

Photos and videos of the incident have been shared on several social media platforms by netizens, including Twitter and Facebook. On Twitter, user @myjoe_ shared the video with a tongue-in-cheek, open-ended question as a caption: “Weird stuff – does it involve other [car] models?”

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - video
Video credit: @myjoe_

The video – which has since been viewed over 200,000 times – showed a Myvi situated next to a tree at what looks to be a park in Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru. But the twist is how it got there.

A voiceover in the video by the unnamed source cheekily suggested, “Myvi terbang?” – or flying Myvi in English – as a hole in a shrub and a patch of grass – both supposedly caused by the off-road Myvi, can be seen in the video as well. 

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - pics with graphics
Image credit:
KL Online 

Photos of the incident that have been circulating online even came with helpful graphics to show just how far the Myvi had to go from the road to cross the drain and land on the other side of it. 

Driver safe after bizarre flying Myvi incident

According to a report by Berita Harian, the Myvi had “flown” across the 50m-wide drain while taking a turn around a roundabout at Taman Bukit Indah around 3AM on 21st March 2021. The driver had reportedly lost control of the car, rammed it into a shrub, “flew” across the drain, landed on the grass where it dislodged a patch of it, and stopped only after it crashed into a tree.

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - car
Image credit:
KL Online 

The 27-year-old driver behind the wheel was not driving under the influence, and was fortunately rescued and brought to a hospital for minor injuries, as reported by Harian Metro. It was also reported that it had not been raining at the time of the incident, with the streets also said to be well-lit when the Myvi took a wrong turn. 

According to a Facebook post by Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat Malaysia Negeri Johor, bomba personnel took over 20 minutes to rescue the driver who was stuck in the driver’s seat.

Netizens try to math the possibility of incident

As the whole incident seemed stranger than fiction, netizens have been trying to make sense of it – even turning to physics and math. Several netizens drew out graphs and shared them to Facebook group, Myvi Buat Hal Apa Hari ini?, in response.

For starters, netizen Iskandar Alexander shared a photo of his research based on his mathematics expertise trying to explain how the Myvi managed to “fly” without “breaking the laws of physics”. Another netizen, Akmal Azemi, went even further to apply his research to the image of the flying Myvi – resulting in a meme-like photo.

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - math 1
Image adapted from: Iskandar Alexander

Facebook user, Panjang PpOc, also shared his research to the group, but with a caption that said, “What other pleasures of mine are you going to expose as lies” – presumably to reference how he had applied “formulas” and “equations” to explain how the incident could have happened.

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - math 2
Image adapted from: Panjang PpOc

Others were just humoured by the whole thing and cracking jokes, with several hailing the car as a “King”, and another netizen, Azizee Mohd Yusof, even joking that the Myvi can now enter the long jump event at the Olympics with its show of agility.

Myvi flies over drain in JB goes viral online - FB comment
Image adapted from: Azizee Mohd Yusof

Myvi rams through bush and “flies” over 50-metre drain

Wacky situations involving Myvi cars are well-known among Malaysians. But every new photo or video captured of the car on the road seems to outdo all others – as shown by this recent Myvi incident in JB that’s bringing all the flying Myvi memes to life. Nonetheless, all jokes aside, we are glad that the driver is safe and sound, and hope that he is recuperating well after the accident.

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Cover image adapted from: @myjoe_ and Akmal Azemi

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