Woman travels around Malaysia with a campervan

Caravans and RVs are a familiar scene in movies from the US, but rarely do we come across them in Malaysia where sleeping in the vehicle you drive is new to many.

Most of us are used to flying around the country, or driving to another state and spending the night in a hotel, but a Malaysian woman decided to up her travel game by transforming her Myvi into a campervan instead. 

Malaysian woman turned Myvi into a “campervan” for under RM500

malaysian myvi campervanImage credit: Asri Nawawi

Farah Nabilah went on a 9-day solo road trip across Peninsular Malaysia using her Myvi as her mode of transport during the day, and her accommodation by night. 

In a video interview, she shared that her journey covered around 1,500km in distance starting from Melaka, then KL, Perak, Kedah, Penang, the east coast, and finally making her last stop in Pahang.

She has always been inspired by the small campervan community in Malaysia, but couldn’t afford to buy an actual van, so she had to make do with her trusty Myvi instead. 

malaysian myvi campervanImage credit: Asri Nawawi

Making her setup as budget-friendly as possible, Farah forked out less than RM500 to turn the back of her car into a cozy snooze space. 

She made minimal changes, simply building a portable table, and installing a foldable plywood base for her bed in the car. 

Exploring many places in Malaysia at minimal cost

malaysian myvi campervanImage credit: Asri Nawawi

Farah always had a knack for travelling to gain meaningful life experiences, especially to locations close to nature. She prefers to travel simple, visiting lesser-known places, and making friends with locals. 

As she finds driving alone therapeutic, her campervan adventures enabled her to travel far without having to spend a bomb. 

malaysian myvi campervanImage credit: Asri Nawawi

She has spent her nights in a variety of places – on the beach by the sea, next to rivers, and up on the hills in Cameron Highlands. 

With a portable stove and a few cooking utensils, she was able to set up a campsite just about anywhere to relax, cook some food, and enjoy the view simultaneously.

Netizens inspired by her adventures and creativity

malaysian myvi campervan
Image adapted from: Cik Xara 

The thought of driving across the country and sleeping in the open alone may sound daunting to most people, especially more so for a solo female traveller. But Farah has garnered positive reactions from netizens who were intrigued by her campervan idea and keen to experience it themselves. 

Image adapted from: Langit Tu Biru

Some expressed their concerns over safety and security issues, such as Facebook user Langit Tu Biru who commented that while road-tripping solo looked fun, he would worry about safety when sleeping. Farah has addressed this in the video, advising campers to do research on available camping sites and to always read the campsite reviews.

Malaysian shares her solo Myvi campervan road trip adventure

The campervan community in Malaysia may be tiny and unbeknownst to many, and although traveling caravan-style may raise questions and concerns, Farah has proven that it can be done comfortably and safely without a heavy cost.

The key is to be willing to travel simply, venture out of your comfort zone, and be creative in your ideas. Even on a budget, you can transform your vehicle into a multifunctional rest space for a good night’s rest before continuing the long drive. 

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Cover image credit: Asri Nawawi


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