Myvi accident in Tesco Puchong leaves one injured

Myvi cars are often caught in unlikely circumstances, much like when this one ‘flew’ over a 50m-wide drain in JB. An accident involving a Myvi car on 1st September 2021 has been garnering attention online, as the ubiquitous car was seen parked next to a McDonald’s outlet located inside a Tesco hypermarket, as if it were at a drive-through.

The accident, which saw the car crashing through the entrance of the hypermarket, left the car’s driver unharmed. Unfortunately, an employee of the fast-food joint sustained injuries, but is now in stable condition.

Accident leaves driver unharmed, but one worker injured

Videos of the Myvi car situated inside the hypermarket on Wednesday, 1st September, has gone viral online. A netizen uploaded two clips of the incident on Facebook group Puchong News Group after obtaining them from fellow netizens, where it garnered over 4,500 shares.

In the first video, broken glass from a heavily damaged entryway can be seen scattered on the ground. A quick shot in the video showed the cause of it – a white Myvi car, not too far from the scene, that managed to crash its way through the hypermarket’s entrance usually reserved for shoppers.

The car escaped colliding into a smartphone repair store ahead by a hairsbreadth, and was parked near a McDonald’s outlet entrance at a Tesco hypermarket located in Pusat Bandar Puchong.

Myvi accident at Puchong Tesco - video clip
Video credit: Facebook

A second video, just 8 seconds long, showed several Tesco staff having removed the debris from the accident. Although the car is still in the same spot in the video, it was sealed off with caution tape.

More videos and photos of the scene was shared by another netizen to Facebook group Warga Puchong. In one video, several individuals were seen banding together to help lift the Myvi car and rescue a victim of the accident partially trapped under the car.

Myvi accident at Puchong Tesco - video clip 2
Video credit: Facebook

According to a report by The Star on 1st September 2021, the incident took place around 4.30PM that same day. There were two individuals involved in the accident – the car’s driver, 64 years old, and a worker, 34 years old, who had been manning the front counter of the fast-food outlet when the accident took place.

Serdang OCPD Asst Comm A.A. Anbalagan said that the driver had been on his way out of the hypermarket’s parking lot when he “accidentally stepped on the accelerator”, leading to the accident. The driver fortunately left the scene unharmed. However, the worker had to be rushed to Serdang Hospital for treatment, but is now said to be in stable condition.

The accident is being investigated under Section 43(1) or the Road Transport Act 1987 by authorities.

Myvi accident leaves one injured, but driver unharmed

It goes without saying that we should always stay alert while in the driver’s seat. Avoiding an accident, or becoming the cause of an accident, should be our utmost priority whenever we hop into our vehicles.

We’re glad to hear that the driver of the car was unharmed, and hope that the victim of the accident has a speedy recovery.

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