MUJI Japan’s halal-certified ready-to-eat Malaysian dishes

Malaysian ready-to-eat dishes are now sold at MUJI Japan outlets
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Malaysians are fiercely loyal when it comes to our favourite local dishes. This is why many of us are always more than proud when we see non-Malaysians enjoying some of our staple food offerings such as rendang and nasi lemak

So when a Malaysian living in Japan shared photos of “Malaysian Chicken Curry” and “Beef Rendang” ready-to-eat meals being sold at a MUJI outlet in Japan, many Malaysians were quick to praise the sight. But with Brahim’s, a Malaysian-grown brand, behind these new meals at MUJI Japan, some got understandably confused over its packaging.

Malaysian staple dishes goes abroad

Netizen, @AzraaiAzuha, shared the latest finds of Malaysian products abroad at a MUJI Japan outlet on his Twitter account, where it has garnered over 8,800 likes at the time of writing. 

While we all know and love the Japanese retailer for their minimalist setup and products that help us “KonMari” our lives, its food aisles filled with a wide variety of ready-to-cook meals and snacks have won many hearts too. The largest MUJI outlet in Japan even has a stunning food market with a tea blending station.

And you’ll now be able to find Malaysian representation there, with local dishes such as Malaysian Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang, and Chicken Masak Lemak going for ¥490 each (~RM19).

MUJI Japan sauces
Image credit: @AzraaiAzuha

Like the pasta sauces and curries sold at our local MUJI outlets, these Malaysian staple ready-to-eat dishes – available at all MUJI outlets in Japan only – are just as easy to cook. All you have to do is put the whole pack into boiling water, or heat it up in the microwave, and pair them with rice for a hearty meal.

It even comes with out-of-5 spice ratings, so those trying out these dishes for the first time will know what they’re in for.

Malaysian sauces
Image credit: @AzraaiAzuha

What’s even better is that these prepackaged dishes are produced by Brahim’s Food Japan, a subsidiary of Brahim’s Holdings Berhad, and halal-certified by Jakim too.

Image credit: @AzraaiAzuha

Netizens proud and amazed by minimalist packaging

As Malaysians are used to the familiar jewel-toned packaging of Brahim’s line of products at our local grocery stores – from satay kuah to fish curries – Muji’s minimalist take on it had many surprised and #shook by its packaging. Netizen @yuhanisss_ even joked, “I thought this was face masks.” 

Twitter comment
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Several netizens have also started to dub the new line of Malaysian food products at MUJI as #BrahimsXMuji, with @pakarmakan even commenting: “#BrahimsXMuji is a collab I never knew I needed :’).”

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Image adapted from: @pakarmakan

Others were just proud of Brahim’s, as they are bringing the best of Malaysians’ favourite dishes abroad, with netizen @parkfudzy commenting, “I am proud #brahimsXmuji.”

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Image adapted from: @parkfudzy

Malaysian dishes at MUJI Japan outlets make locals proud

Japan is no doubt a foodie haven, with offerings of umami ramen and katsu curries that make many of us want to travel out there for it. But for Malaysians living abroad with dietary restrictions, these halal-certified ready-to-eat dishes available at MUJI Japan outlets are a great option for those who miss our local food. And it’s also bringing out the Malaysian pride in many of us.

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