Malaysian falls into river

We Malaysians are an easily entertained bunch. We get amused over silly and absurd things like that time when a mat rempit was caught on Google Street Cam. Or when a monkey photobombed a video by students and tried to steal their keropok. 

This humorous trait lingers on in another funny incident caught on video – this time, a video captured a man who appeared to be accidentally falling into a river. It was posted on ERA Fm’s Instagram feed on 14 August and has garnered more than 160,000 views at the time of writing. 

Man falls backward into a river 

malaysian falls into river
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The Instagram video was uploaded with the caption, “At first, the singing made us tear up, but we ended up laughing instead.” It started off with a Malaysian man sitting on a railing and singing while strumming his guitar, with what looks like a picturesque setting of trees and sampans idling on a river behind him. 

malaysian falls into river
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As he finished his song, he proceeded to put his guitar down and hop off the railing. Instead of landing safely on the road, he loses his balance and falls backward into the river instead. The timing of the resulting splash was perfectly in sync with the beat of the song, even though we are uncertain if it was intentional.

guitarist falling off railing

The viewers’ attention wasn’t so much on the fall, but the sound of the laughter of the person recording the video. The person behind the camera did not react much at all, nor did they sound shocked. All they did was chuckle softly. 

Netizens suspect that the fall was staged 

malaysian falls into river
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The filmer’s reaction, or the lack thereof, was to some a dead giveaway that the incident might be staged. Netizen @therealkaze_ pointed it out by commenting that the person filming must have asked the guitarist to fall into the river on purpose once he was done singing. 

malaysian falls into river
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@az_syaz even suggested that the person should have laughed louder for the act to be more convincing.

malaysian falls into river
Image credit: @imshyoue

A lot of people agreed that the recorder’s laugh was very courteous, including @imshyoue who commented that they laughed very politely. She added that she would have burst out laughing till her belly hurt if she were there.

malaysian falls into river
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@ajueliyana also praised the cameraperson for not laughing in the face of the musician’s misfortune.

Malaysians find joy in silly things

The fall may not have been authentic and if it really isn’t, we can all agree that at least it was true dedication on the two friends’ part to share their video and provide us with some lighthearted entertainment.

And the comment section is a testament that fellow Malaysians were genuinely entertained indeed.

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