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alternative streaming sites in malaysiaImage adapted from (clockwise from top left): The Korea Times, iflix, Insider, & Malaysian Football League

It has been 2 weeks since we’ve been mostly cooped up at home thanks to the Movement Control Order (MCO). Now that we’ve entered phase 2 of the MCO, most of us have probably already exhausted all our options for movies and TV series on Netflix by now. If you’re looking for alternatives so you don’t run out of things to binge-watch, Malaysians actually have access to plenty of non-illicit movie streaming services.

The best part is, most of them are accessible for free. Check them out to fight boredom below: 

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1. Iflix – free-to-watch locally-produced shows

Not many people know that iflix offers the majority of their shows for free, so it’s your chance to get more acquainted with local entertainment. 

Iflix has a variety of shows such as the popular iflix original KL Gangster Underworld and the classic movie turned series Ombak Rindu. Dua Garis Biru, an iflix Indonesia original movie, has also been highly rated and is free-to-watch in Malaysia. 

woman with a swordImage adapted from: KL Gangster Underworld – Bangkit Kuasa  

Good news if you’ve already hopped onto the iflix bandwagon: according to their latest IG post, you can unlock their entire VIP gallery for 1 month using their code ‘Tebus Sekarang’. 

You’ll then have access to even more TV shows and movies such as Hollywood favourites like The Matrix, Mr.Robot and The Good Place. You can redeem the voucher anytime between the 31st March – 14th April 2020. 

free streaming malaysiaImage adapted from: iflix MY

Check out iflix here

2. Viu – near-endless supply of K-dramas & a beloved M’sian series

watch free streamingKopitiam
Image credit: Varnam MY

Viu, also known as the Asian version of Netflix, is behind Kopitiam, a rebooted local TV series that is now a Viu original. The sitcom is based in a coffee shop and used to be a show much beloved by Malaysians in the late 90’s. You can now watch all episodes of this new version for free.

streaming services in malaysiaParasite
Image credit: The Korea Times 

Besides that, those who can’t get enough of K-Dramas will find a pot of gold here. You can sign up for a 1-month plan (RM10) or the 6-month plan (RM48) to watch critically acclaimed films like the Oscar award winning Parasite

K-drama fans can also get their fill with an endless amount of Korean TV Shows such as ID Gangnam Beauty and Goblin. Their library is always up to date so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any episodes. 

Check out Viu here.

3. Tonton – Watch  your favourite Malaysian daytime shows

streaming services in malaysiaMr.Hijab
Image adapted from: Tonton

Tonton is probably the OG of movie streaming services in Malaysia. It has been around since 2010 and you can watch free television channels from Media Prima on any portable device. The streaming site lets you watch, pause and replay shows from local channels like ntv7, TV3 and Channel 8.

alternative streaming serviceImage adapted from: Tonton

You can also tune in to watch Love and Defiance, a Filipino drama series that airs every weekday at 3PM. There’s also the Malaysian favourite Mr.Hijab that airs every weekday at 3:30PM. While you’re at it, don’t miss out on live news castings from Al Jazeera and CNA that are available around the clock.

Check out Tonton here

4. Dimsum – TV shows and movies from 7 Asian countries

streaming services in malaysiaLove of Thousand Years
Image adapted from: Melody’s Asian Drama Story

Dimsum is a fairly new movie streaming site in Malaysia with a large library that focuses solely on Asian films. You are able to watch shows from 7 different countries including Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. 

You can find the much loved Chinese drama, Love of Thousand Years, a mystical tale of forbidden romance during the ancient era. And of course Korean gems such as At Eighteen and hilarious Thai dramas and comedies like My Ambulance.

streaming services in malaysia My Ambulance
Image adapted from: Dimsum

You’ll need to sign up for an account to start watching these shows, but Dimsum is free for 30 days for newcomers. After that you can choose to continue your subscription for a reasonable flat rate of RM13.90/month

Check out Dimsum here

5. UnifiTV – Watch football and The Walking Dead free till 14th April 2020

free streaming service in malaysiaImage credit: Malaysian Football League

UnifiTV is a movie streaming service helmed by broadband network Unifi. If you do not have a Unifi account, all you have to do is download their app and sign up. By doing that, you can enjoy 30 days of free content. After that you can choose to continue using their services for a low fee that starts from RM5/month.

alternative streaming services in malaysiaThe Walking Dead
Image adapted from: We Got The Covered

For those who already have an existing account, and are residential broadband customers, Unifi has announced that you can enjoy all of their content for free till 14th April 2020 in the wake of MCO to encourage everyone to stay at home. 

Check out UnifiTV on Google Play and App store.

6. Youtube – Short films and mini series

watch mini series onlineOscar winning short film Hair
Image adapted from: Sony Pictures Animation

There probably isn’t a living soul who doesn’t know what YouTube is, but not many of us may not be aware that you can binge watch gems like short films and miniseries on the site.  

Tune into Oscar-winning short films such as Hair – a heartwarming father-daughter video bonding over the struggles of African American hair. You can also find entertainment that hits closer to home such as TheSmartLocal’s original series Alternate Beginnings – a Black Mirror-like romance thriller.

streaming services in malaysiaImage adapted from: Marie Kondo

You’ll also be able to live vicariously through travel vlogs like The $100 Dollar Nomad – how to eat, live and travel in a certain country with only $100. And since now might be a good time to purge your closet, Marie Kondo has a variety of videos on her YouTube channel that can help you declutter.

Check out YouTube here.

7. Astro Go – Watch your favourite TV channels and movies on the go 

steaming services in malaysia
Image credit: Astro 

The Astro GO app is the portable version of Astro for existing subscribers. Due to the MCO, Astro Go has announced that they will provide free access to their movie library till 14th April 2020. All you have to do is download the Astro Go app and sign up. You can enjoy this promotion even if you do not have an Astro account. 

stream horror movies freeHungry Ghost Ritual
Image adapted from: FilmIsNow Movie Trailers International

You’ll get to watch old Malay films such as Nasib Si Labu Labi (1963) or Bujang Lapok (1957) starring  the legendary P.Ramlee. For horror fans, you can find an array of horror movies that’ll spook you silly such as School Tales – a Thai horror film about a marching band that decided to tempt the ghostly legends that surround their school.

Check out Astro Go on Google Play and App Store.

Bonus: HBO GO – Replay all your favourite GOT scenes

top streaming services in kl
Game of Thrones
Image credit: Insider

HBO GO is free to use if you’re an existing Astro subscriber with an Astro movies pack. You can use your Astro ID to login and binge watch HBO Originals such as Game of Thrones, Westworld, and Big Little Lies. Blockbuster movies like the Harry Potter series are also available. 

watch shows on the go
Image adapted from: HBO GO

Streaming sites for movies in Malaysia

Malaysia has plenty of choices when it comes to movie streaming sites. And the MCO is a great time for us to finally take a step back and relax with our family and friends especially after a whole day of working from home. From tons of Korean dramas to blockbuster movies and local television, you won’t go bored with these options. 

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