Millennials wearing slippers cited as “laziness”

Walk down bustling streets in Malaysia such as Bukit Bintang and you’ll see people dolled up and dressed to impress. But it’s not hard to find many others opting for slippers, or flip-flops, when strolling down these streets too – or while lepak-ing at shopping malls or parks, and running errands at grocery stores.

But while it’s a preferred type of footwear for many, it isn’t to everyone’s liking, as a Facebook user went on the social media platform to call out those in their 20s and 30s who wear slippers everywhere, saying it is “out of habit of laziness”. His post attracted a flurry of comments from netizens who disagreed with the statement, saying that slippers is a Malaysian staple because of the weather and how comfy they are.

Slipper wearing by millennials considered “sloppy” and “lazy”

The post by a Facebook user shared his thoughts about seeing millennials in their 20s and 30s who seemed to wear slippers 24/7.

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While he noted that he, too, wore slippers, he only does so at home, at the beach, or while running errands to a nearby kedai runcit. He also swops them out for sandals while visiting a mosque or surau. He suggested that wearing slippers anywhere else is sloppy and “out of habit of laziness”, and even questioned if people who wore slippers have “no dress code or ethics”.

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Netizens disagree with his statement

His post, which has garnered over 4,000 shares and 2,000 reactions at the time of writing, had many coming out to respond to his statement.

A Facebook user even listed out, “Reasons [for wearing slippers] are:- 1. slippers won’t spoil when worn in the rain; 2. they won’t get soiled when worn in toilets in Asia that are often wet; 3. newly manicured toenails can be shown off; 4. ventilation that doesn’t cause smelly feet.”

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Another netizen commented, “I wear flip-flops everywhere I go. It’s casual and more relaxing. Unless, [I’m] going to a formal event like a wedding or going to work. Even in the US during summer, [Americans] wear flip-flops all the time [at] casual events. Our weather makes flip-flops more comfortable”.

Man calls out millennials who wear slippers everywhere - comment
Image adapted from: Facebook

Some tried to understand where he was coming from, with one netizen citing that this difference in viewpoints might just be due to generation gap, commenting: “It’s all about generational view. [The] younger generation appreciates [a] different kind of style and taste. Perhaps this is hard to accept by the older generation. But times have changed. If you want to continue to be trapped in the outmoded style, that is the choice of the old that the young must respect. One day, those who are young now will also become old. Hopefully then they’ll not remain trapped in their past thinking.”

Man calls out millennials who wear slippers everywhere - comment
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However, another commenter suggested that this might not be the case, with a Facebook user saying, “My friend, [a] legal advisor to [the] government and Jusa, [in his] 50s also wears slippers when [he] lepaks with his family and friends. Sometimes, just wearing [a] singlet. Midlife crisis or just a trend? I don’t know, [but] for me, I will wear what I want as long as I feel comfortable. But now, [I] wear shoes due to my feet condition.”

Man calls out millennials who wear slippers everywhere - comment
Image adapted from: Facebook

Millennials called out for wearing slippers 24-7

It’s no secret that Malaysia’s tropical weather means we can have overcast skies one moment and brilliant sunshine the next, which is why many prefer wearing slippers as they are the safest bet against sudden bouts of downpour and heat that’s almost unbearable at times. But it’s also understandable why many are frustrated at seeing them worn in inappropriate situations. However, it’s up for debate whether one should judge a person’s character by his or her choice of clothes or financial standing.

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