MCO 3.0 in KL, and districts in Johor, Terengganu & Perak

The MCO is back. As of 6th May 2021, 6 Selangor districts will see another 14 days of the MCO. Joining the list, KL will be placed under the MCO from 7th May till 20th May. The districts of JB, Kulai and Kota Tinggi in Johor; Taiping, Larut Matang and Selama in Perak; and 14 sub-districts in Besut, Terengganu will also undergo MCO 3.0 for the same period. 

But while we’re all veterans of the MCO by now – with several months of our lives spent living in it – a whole slew of SOPs was released yesterday for MCO 3.0 in KL, Johor and more. To help keep you up to speed with the latest guidelines, we’ve rounded up some of the key ones being enforced in affected areas.

MCO 3.0 KL

Stricter measures for areas under the MCO

It goes without saying that we should all be wearing our masks while out in public, registering our details for contact tracing, physical distancing and washing or sanitising our hands. But the MCO has a set of guidelines for businesses and individuals that you’ll want to keep them in mind while out.

Fortunately for those living in areas affected by the MCO 3.0, guidelines this time around are pretty similar to ones laid out in the previous MCO. A general list was released yesterday, with an additional one for Selangor, by the National Security Council (MKN) on 5th May.

No more Ramadan bazaars and dine-ins at restaurants

It was previously mentioned that Ramadan bazaars would be allowed in Selangor despite the MCO being enforced there. But as of 8th May, all bazaars will have to halt operations in Selangor. With a few days left till Saturday, traders will have some time to sell off their perishable goods for the festive season.

Closures for bazaars in KL have yet to be announced, and will be allowed to continue for the time being until the state government decides otherwise.

MCO in KL and Johor, with updated SOPs - Ramadan buffet
Ramadan buffet no longer allowed
Image (for illustration purposes only) credit: @redtomatopizzarestaurant

For now, Hari Raya bazaars and night markets will be allowed to open during the MCO until 10PM, as reported by The Malaysian Reserve. But strict SOPs must be enforced, including capacity limit, a numbering system, and entry ban on those under the age of 12.

Ramadan buffets will have to be cancelled for the remaining days of the fasting month, as dine-ins at all restaurants and hotels are no longer permitted under the MCO.

Cinemas and more to suspend operations

Also barred from operating during the MCO are cinemas, spas and reflexology centres, nightclubs, theme parks, indoor playgrounds, and karaoke outlets.

Some sports and recreational activities with physical contact are allowed, but reserved for football, hockey, and sepak takraw leagues only. Non-open air sport facilities, and activities such as hiking, marathons and triathlons, are not included.

MCO in KL and Johor, with updated SOPs - cinemas closed
Cinemas will have to close under the MCO
Image credit: TGV Cinemas

But this MCO is not as strict as the first round, as Malaysians can continue to seek out services from many businesses as usual. This includes convenience stores, pet supply shops, veterinarians, serviced laundries, optometrists, car wash centres, and salons – but strictly for haircuts only – which are allowed to operate from 6AM to 10PM.

Grocery stores, wet markets and petrol stations are permitted to run within the same operating hours. Petrol stations on highways, however, can open 24 hours.

Restaurants, cafes, and eateries, including food stalls, trucks and courts, can operate from 6AM to the wee hours of 12AM. But only takeaways and deliveries are allowed.

To keep Malaysians safe at this time, essential services such as pharmacies, hospitals and clinics are allowed to operate as usual too.

Filming activities can be carried out, but with a cap on filming crew and no audience allowed. Those seeking to get their driver’s permit at this time will get to do so, with driving institutions given the green light to open.

No limit on passengers in cars

While interstate and interdistrict travel are not allowed, there will be no limit on the number of passengers in a car, as long as it is within legal limits, as reported by Malay Mail.

This MCO will also not have a 10KM travel limit in place. We’ll be able to drive further from our homes than we were once allowed to, but Malaysians are reminded to reserve their excursions within their district and to head out only for essentials, such as food and groceries.

Roadblocks will be in place to deter anyone looking to cross borders without police permission, and stations are set up at beat toll plazas of Sungai Buloh, Kota Damansara, Damansara and Subang – just to name a few.

MCO in KL and Johor, with updated SOPs - grocery
Traveling only for essentials is recommended at this time
Image credit: Jaya Grocer

Exceptions will be made for workers needing to travel between states for work. But they’ll need an employer’s letter or a police-issued permit. Married couples living in different states who wish to travel and see each other can do so, but police permission is also required.

Likewise, anyone who signed up for vaccinations can travel between states for vaccination appointments. According to a series of tweets by Coordinating Minister for COVID-19 Immunisation Khairy Jamaluddin, all you’ll need to show is your vaccination appointment details via MySejahtera, website or text message if stopped by authorities at a roadblock.

Schools to close, and work from home orders back in place

All schools in KL and Putrajaya have to be closed from today, 6th May. Schools will reopen when the mid-year school holidays are over on 12th or 13th June, depending on state.

Selangor had previously closed all schools following the announcement of the MCO in 6 districts, as reported by New Straits Times.

Likewise, work from home orders are now back in place. Only 30% of management staff will be allowed to return to the office, with no disruption to working hours. Nonetheless, it will be up to the company or employer to allow more operation or support staff to return to the office, as reported by Malay Mail.

MCO 3.0 for KL, Selangor, and districts of Johor and more

Malaysia has been seeing a spike in COVID-19 cases nationwide. So while the MCO in areas affected, including KL and districts in Johor, comes as an inconvenience for many, it seems like a necessary step to take to limit our excursions at this time and help bring back down our daily cases.

A full list of SOPs for the MCO can be obtained at National Security Council’s (MKN) website here.

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