Family recreates graduation ceremony for daughter

Graduation ceremony at home cover pic
Image adapted from: @nabeelalbukhary

Graduating is one of the biggest milestones for many of us – especially after enduring through the stressful 4 years that were filled with deadlines and never-ending assignments.

However, graduation ceremonies have been put on hold due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia. But it’s not all sour for this UITM student whose thoughtful family didn’t let the moment go to waste and decided to host an improvised convocation for her right in their house.

Improvised graduation ceremony at home

Twitter user @nabeelalbukhary documented the “graduation ceremony” that his family organised for his sister who was a student at UITM. His sister’s ceremony was supposed to take place on 29th March 2020, but as it was postponed, the whole family decided to join forces and organise an improvised graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremony tweet
Image adapted from: @nabeelalbukhary

The short 36-second video that Nabee posted to his Twitter page garnered the attention of fellow Malaysians who were both amused and heartened at the sight of the family going the extra mile to make their daughter and sister happy.

The caption in Malay can be translated to “Today was supposed to be my sister’s convocation ceremony, so to make her happy, my family organised one for her. Most importantly, my mom’s the vice chancellor.”

Opening introduction
Image adapted from: @nabeelalbukhary

In the video, we see one of the sisters reciting an opening speech that sounds almost exactly like how our professors and chancellors would have given it. Next to her is another family member who serves as a videographer and can be seen focusing on getting the right angle.

Before the video pans to the star of the show, we see a third family member who’s on her laptop and is presumably in charge of the background music.

Accepting certificate
Image adapted from: @nabeelalbukhary

After the introduction, we see Nabeel’s sister getting up from the chair and walking toward her mother a.k.a the “vice chancellor”. She even stops midway to give a bow before accepting the certificate and posing for a photo.

Convocation ceremony still possible during MCO

Nabeel’s family’s efforts just goes to show that anything is still possible even during MCO as long as you’re resourceful enough. Their improvised graduation ceremony wasn’t even that far off from the real deal, seeing as they absolutely nailed the introduction speech and classy background music.

Nabeel's family
Image credit: @nabeelalbukhary

Once the MCO ends, we hope that Nabeel’s sister will have as much fun during her actual graduation ceremony as she did during the “rehearsal” her family put on for her.

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