McDonald’s spicy chicken with apple slice burger

McDonald’s regularly comes up with new food creations to keep things interesting. And some of their limited-edition menu items, such as their Prosperity Burger, have become so sought-after that they make an annual appearance. The latest addition to the list is an unusual combo of spicy chicken and apple that many will be intrigued to try, as with quirky McDonald’s ideas in the past.

Spicy and sweet flavours in a savoury burger

The latest and newest burger to grace McDonald’s menu is the Spicy Chicken With Apple Slices Burger (from RM14.50). Officially launched yesterday, this unique burger has a deep-fried spicy chicken patty topped with real apple slices and black pepper mayo sauce.

McDonald's Spicy Chicken With Apple Slices Burger poster
Image credit: McDonald’s

Though it’s hard to imagine how a sweet fruit paired with a savoury and spicy fried chicken patty will go well together, McDonald’s described their burger as a perfect blend that will satisfy both our sweet and spicy cravings. Sounds like the best of both worlds, indeed.

Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry and Orange Custard Pie also launched together

To let you finish off your Spicy Chicken With Apple Slices Burger with a dessert, McDonald’s will also be introducing not one, but two new items to their dessert menu that are bound to excite those with a sweet tooth.

Mcdonald's Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry and Orange Custard Pie poster
Image credit: McDonald’s

The first is a new McFlurry flavour. Instead of the everyday Oreo McFlurry, you can now opt to try their Chocolate & Pretzel Bits McFlurry (RM7.10). Just like their new burger which brings together 2 distinct tastes, we can imagine how the saltiness of the pretzels will nicely complement the sweetness of the chocolate and ice cream.

The other addition is the Orange Custard Pie (RM4.25) – think rich custard, perfectly balanced with a tangy orange flavour.

McDonald’s announces new items on their menu

Dining in may not be allowed yet, but with McDonald’s McDelivery, Drive-Thru, and Takeaway available, we can be one of the first to try these newest items all the same. Everything definitely sounds promising, so let’s see if they live up to Malaysians’ expectations long enough to earn a permanent spot on McDonald’s menu.

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Cover image adapted from: McDonald’s

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