McDonald’s new Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry 

It’s nothing new for McDonald’s to introduce new, limited-time menu items to excite their customers. Back in February this year, they had a spicy chicken with apple slices burger that was both sweet and spicy.

This May, they want you to swop out your regular Oreo McFlurry order with their Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry, which comes with caramelised brown sugar swirls and chewy pearl toppings for those not yet over the bubble tea hype. 

McFlurry with chewy pearls and brown sugar swirls

No newcomer to the bubble tea game, McDonald’s had a series of brown sugar boba drinks – including Brown Sugar Boba Lattes – that graced McCafe’s drinks menu not too long ago.

Now, bubble tea lovers grabbing burgers and more at their outlets can get their hands on the latest Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry (RM5.65) flavour. The new menu item just launched yesterday, 2nd May, and will be available nationwide.

Mcdonald's New Boba McFlurry - McFlurryImage credit: McDonald’s

Patrons will get toppings of chewy pearls and decadent swirls of caramelised brown sugar, like the popular brown sugar milk bubble tea – but with vanilla ice cream instead of milk tea.

Part of Oishii Desserts, with new pie flavour

The new McFlurry flavour is part of their Oishii Desserts, which aims to bring a taste of Japan to Malaysia. The only other item on the menu, other than the Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry is the White Chocolate & Strawberry Pie, which packs bits of strawberry and melty white chocolate in a flaky pie pastry crust.

However, this will only be available on 7th May at all McDonald’s outlets, except for those in Sabah and Sarawak. The price is unavailable at the time of writing.

You can order these 2 new menu items via McDelivery, or for dine-in, takeaway and drive-thru at their stores.

Mcdonald's New Boba McFlurry - Desserts
Image credit: McDonald’s

New Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry at McDonald’s

Bubble tea is a trend that’s here to stay for anyone who indulges in a cup ever so often from their favourite BBT joints. This new Brown Sugar Boba McFlurry from McDonald’s that’s now available nationwide is testament of that, as it is definitely a sweet treat you’ll want to order on a sweltering day, or with your favourite burger at the fast food chain.

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