Woman refuses to wear a mask in Suria KLCC

Ever since the pandemic struck in Malaysia, it has become mandatory for everyone to adhere to standard operating procedures (SOPs) to help contain the spread of Covid-19 in our community. The guidelines include wearing a face mask when we’re out in public, which has become a regular practice for many.

However, there are individuals who have yet to fully comply with these Covid-19 safety measures – as seen in a viral video on Twitter of a woman refusing to wear a face mask, and insisting on entering a store in Suria KLCC.

Maskless woman in Suria KLCC insists on entry at store

On Wednesday, 27th October 2021, a viral video was shared on Twitter by user @DFEfiercefun. The video has since garnered over 190,000 views, and over 6,000 retweets, at the time of writing this article.

It showed a woman brazenly standing outside a Dior outlet without a face mask, while insisting that she be allowed entry at the store so she could receive a refund for a “faulty” bag.

Maskless woman in KLCC - woman
Image credit: @DFEfiercefun

The video was taken at the outlet in Suria KLCC, as shared by the Twitter user, with the woman in the viral video said to resist wearing a mask even though this is mandatory when anyone is out in public in Malaysia.

She also allegedly said that “those with masks are communist”, presumably when questioned why she was not wearing a mask like other shoppers in the mall.

Maskless woman in KLCC - woman
Image credit: @DFEfiercefun

In a second video uploaded to Twitter, a man dressed in all-black was seen speaking with the woman, trying to make sense of what had happened as she claimed that a staff at the store had “threatened” her.

When asked how the staff had done so, she claimed that he put “his hands on her and pushed her away” when she tried to enter the store.

The staff in question insisted that he had only done it to stop her from entering the store, because face masks are required upon entry. However, she responded by saying that he couldn’t stop her as “It’s a free country”.

Twitter user @DFEfiercefun also tagged Dior and Suria KLCC Mall’s Twitter handles to praise their staff for handling the situation, while also tagging Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin and Malaysia’s Ministry of Health official Twitter accounts to notify them of the incident.

Maskless woman - Khairy

Hours after the video went viral, Khairy responded to the incident, tweeting, “When in Rome do as the Romans do. When in Malaysia, please mask up. Regardless of the rules elsewhere. @KKMPutrajaya is getting more information from KLCC.”

Netizens praise staff for firmly enforcing SOPs

Meanwhile, reactions to the viral video led the words “#Karen” and “#KLCC” to trend on Twitter Malaysia’s trending topics.

Many responded to it by praising the staff for firmly enforcing SOPs.

Maskless woman in KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

This Twitter user said, “She must have entered #KLCC with her mask then taken it off. Just because you’re a customer doesn’t mean you can do anything. Just follow the rules. Why make it so hard? Good job to the [Dior] security for being firm, regarding everyone’s health and safety.”

Maskless woman in KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

Others were quick to point out SOPs in place at the mall and Malaysia, including this Twitter user who commented, “1) Suria KLCC Mall has a clear ‘No mask, No Entry’ policy, so Karen here clearly had one on her. 2) Dior KLCC staff blocked her entry respectfully; Her modesty shouldn’t be overlooked, but thank you for keeping patrons safe first. 3) KKM should issue her a fine.”

Maskless woman in KLCC - comment
Image credit: Twitter 

Some also pointed out that local rules ought to be followed as she was in Malaysia, with this Twitter user tweeting, “Is it so difficult to follow other country’s SOP and regulations? If you come to Malaysia, wherever you go, mask is a must!”

Maskless woman in Suria KLCC sparks anger online

Malaysia has been fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic for almost two years now. So it’s understandably upsetting to see individuals disregarding SOPs that are in place to help contain the spread of the virus. Hopefully investigations carried out by authorities will clear up any misunderstandings about SOPs among those who have yet to fully abide by them here.

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