Man with 59 dogs asks people for help in case he dies of Covid-19

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the lives and livelihoods of tens of thousands of Malaysians, we are faced with many heartbreaking stories of people from all over the country. Things have been particularly difficult for a lot of people, including pet owners who have nowhere to turn to when they are hard hit by the pandemic.

Just two days ago, an elderly man who cares for 59 dogs in Klang Valley shared the distressing news that he had tested positive for Covid-19 and asked people to take care of his dogs in case he dies.

Elderly man with 59 dogs tests positive for Covid-19

Malaysian man with 59 dogs
Image credit: Erlang’s Dog

Two days ago, on 25th August 2021, the Facebook page Erlang’s Dog updated the story of an elderly man who has been taking care of 59 stray dogs which he had rescued throughout his years of feeding them by the roadside. The man, whose identity is unclear, said that he has been caring for the animals for eight years and that now he wants people to help look after them in case he dies of Covid-19.

The post opened up with the man declaring that he has been tested positive for Covid-19 and that he has little chance of recovering since he is old. It also mentions that all the dogs are being kept inside a rental house which costs RM3,200 monthly and it costs more than RM5,600 to feed the animals.

The dog owner also hires a caretaker who has been working for him for six years to help out with cleaning and feeding the dogs, among other tasks. He said, when his business was doing okay, he even installed CCTV and air-conditioning in the house for the dogs.

Rescued stray dogs at a shelter
Image credit: Erlang’s Dog

Now that his situation is unpredictable, he hopes people would be able to care for his “children”. He said he has kept the address of the house private as he’s afraid more pet owners would abandon their dogs there, and those animals would then become his responsibility.

“But if my condition gets worse, I’ve informed the caretaker to publish the address of the dog shelter on this Facebook page. All this while, I’ve had to work two jobs to earn enough money to feed ‘my children’,” he wrote, adding that he’s worried about how the caretaker is doing to handle the situation on his own.

“If I’m no longer alive, please take care of my dogs. I cared for each one of them as my own kids. I’m determined to stay alive all these while just to take care of them,” he said.

At the moment, the elderly man needs help mainly with rental and also to pay for the dog food. Those who are willing to help him can do so by donating money to his bank account.

Elder dog owner asks for help in case he dies of Covid-19

It’s truly heartbreaking to know that things have been so difficult for this elderly man. We hope Malaysians can come together to help him out by contributing a small of money. After all, a little help goes a long way. Do share this story with your family and friends to generate more support for this man.

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