Photos Of Man Walking Pet Tortoise Go Viral, Giving New Meaning To “Taking Life Slowly”

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Man takes pet tortoise out for a walk

Taking your dog out for a walk in Malaysia is an everyday occurrence no one blinks an eye at, though some might still marvel at cute or unusual-looking dogs.

Now, imagine coming across your friendly neighbour with a huge tortoise on a leash as he slowly goes about his evening walk by his house. It’d surely be an amusing sight worth documenting.

Photos of man walking pet tortoise go viral

The above is exactly what took place, starring an unidentified man walking his pet tortoise on a leash in his neighbourhood. Sharp-eyed netizens made a guess that the row of double-storey houses in the photos seem to be part of the Eco Summer estate in Johor Bahru.

man walks pet tortoise
Image credit: Aurizn Malaysia

The photos were shared by a netizen who is presumably his neighbour, and have since been circulating around Facebook, reshared by various groups and individuals alike.

These include Aurizn Malaysia who posted the photos on 24th December, together with a witty caption guessing that the tortoise might have taken one hour to walk past eight houses.

Aurizn Malaysian facebook post
Image credit: Aurizn Malaysia

Another set of photos uploaded by a Facebook page called 1314天使守护你 showed the tortoise’s owner accompanied by a young boy tugging helplessly at the tortoise’s leash, in what appears to be the same neighbourhood.

young boy tugging at tortoise's leash
Image credit: 1314天使守护你

Netizens can’t hold back on tortoise jokes

Netizens on Facebook were clearly amused at the rare reptilian sight as many flooded the comments section on Aurizn Malaysia’s post, poking fun at the idea of walking a tortoise and having to accommodate to its speed – or in this case, the lack thereof.

One of the many comments included user Muhammad Basyir who cheekily expressed that the man and his tortoise would only reach home in 3 days’ time.

Muhammad Basyir comment
Image credit: Muhammad Basyir

Meanwhile, Kanapathi Suntarrajan hilariously asked if the leash had a purpose, as he implied that it wouldn’t be a challenge to chase down the tortoise should it run away.

Kanapathi Suntarrajan comment
Image credit: Kanapathi Suntarrajan

On the other hand, netizen Kah Weng got a little creative with his joke by relating it to the ongoing pandemic. He commented that if the uncle took his tortoise out for a walk before COVID-19 had happened, the vaccine might be found by the time he returns home.

kah weng facebook comment
Image credit: Kah Weng

Rare sight of man walking his pet tortoise draws netizens’ attention

Malaysians get up to silly shenanigans all the time, such as when a GrabFood rider brought his pet cats out with him to make deliveries as he was scared that they’d get lonely at home, or when a woman and her cat made an unexpected cameo during a news report on local TV.

If anything, these stories tell us that Malaysians care for their pets and will get into bizarre and funny situations to demonstrate their love for them.

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Cover image adapted from: Aurizn Malaysia and 1314天使守护你

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