Man helps out stray cats found on road

Animals without a home are usually found at restaurants or markets, where kind-hearted individuals ensure they are fed. But when they wander too far from safety, they may end up in dangerous situations, especially when they try to cross busy roads. 

Out of consideration, this man in Penang took it upon himself to move a stray cat that got hit by a vehicle to the side of the road out of compassion. In the video that went viral, he was seen carrying out a task that many might not undertake – moving the body of the cat to the road. He was also seen bringing another cat at the scene to safety too, and even letting the cat say “goodbye” to its deceased friend.

Note: This article contains moving images that show injured animals that some may find disturbing. 

Helped out cats because he was a cat owner

On 16th June 2021, netizen Muhamad Syafiq Ismail shared a video on Facebook of the incident, along with a caption that can be translated from Malay to English as, “Animal lovers will understand.”

The man, presumably Muhamad Syafiq, had been on his way back from a market in Perlis when he saw a cat on the road that had been injured, with its face broken, after it presumably got hit by a vehicle.

Man helps stray cats - clip 2
Video credit: Muhamad Syafiq Ismail

Because he is a cat owner himself, he felt bad for the injured cat. So he decided to get off his motorbike and help the cat by moving its body to the side of the road, where he laid it to rest on a patch of grass there.

Man helps stray cats - clip 1
Video credit: Muhamad Syafiq Ismail

The injured cat wasn’t the only one at the scene, however. He also spotted another cat by the roadside, thankfully unharmed. But it appeared as if it was sadly looking at its friend that had just been involved in the accident, sitting calmly by the curb.

As vehicles could be seen speeding down the road, he helped move the cat to safety and reunite it with its friend so it could see its friend for one last time.

Man helps stray cats - clip 3
Video credit: Muhamad Syafiq Ismail

When the cats were reunited by the roadside, the cat that was rescued could be seen pausing to stare at its friend, which Muhamad Syafiq said was sad to see.

In the video, the cat pauses for over 25 seconds, seemingly grieving at its loss, before slowly turning away and passing a few more glances at its friend.

Man helps stray cats - clip 4
Video credit: Muhamad Syafiq Ismail

The video, which garnered over 16,000 shares and 14,000 reactions, had many netizens coming out to praise Muhamad Syafiq for taking on the difficult task of removing the cat’s body from the road to keep it from being further injured.

Several also came out to share how sad they were to see the cat, and hoped that others would look out for stray animals like Muhamad Syafiq.

Man helps stray cats, removing them from busy road

It’s always hard to see animals that have to fend for themselves on the streets harmed by the actions of humans, such as this woman who had to rescue a puppy trapped inside a trash bag. But there are plenty more kind souls who look out for stray animals, such as Muhamad Syafiq, whom we applaud for removing the cat’s body from the road and rescuing its friend.

The Smart Local Malaysia has reached out to the OP to get more information on where the incident took place, and what happened to the rescued cat, and we will update this article when he responds.

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Cover image adapted from: Muhamad Syafiq Ismail

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