M’sian housewife is a successful PUBG gamer

Image adapted from: @lyndaembran and PUBG

Roslinda Embran, or known among her fans as Lynda Embran and Miss Rose, made headlines just a few days prior for single-handedly earning an impressive RM18,000 as a housewife. It’s a figure that many of us would find difficult to achieve in this lifetime, and yet, Embran has made it possible by going after her dream of being a PUBG gamer

A proud RM18k-earning wife 

In an interview with Zayan My, the successful gamer shared that she used to depend on her husband to take care of any financial matters. Now that she’s monetising from her gaming streams, she’s no longer financially dependent and can actually be considered as the breadwinner of the family. 

Image adapted from: MissRose Gaming

She believes that wives should also contribute to the household’s income and have savings of their own to prepare for any emergencies. We’re reminded of the Malay saying that’s been taught to us since primary school, “sediakan payung sebelum hujan”, which rings especially true for Embran. 

“Women belong in the kitchen”

Although the video on Zayan My was titled as “Kisah Inspirasi Roslinda”, which translates to “the inspiring story of Roslinda”, negative comments began to surface shortly after its wide coverage on the news.

Embran with her son
Embran manages to juggle her career while raising her kids and taking care of the family
Image credit: @lyndaembran

This comes as an irony as Embran has already addressed the hate comments that she frequently receives due to her being a female gamer. She’d be the recipient of harsh words that tell her to go to the kitchen and cook instead of playing games on her phone. 

When asked how she dealt with situations like these, she said she’d simply ignore them and get on with her career in gaming – and a very successful one at that. 

Downplaying her success to good looks

With every viral success story, there’s bound to be a handful of negative Nancys who just can’t seem to keep their harsh words to themselves. In this case, netizens aggressively downplayed Embran’s success in gaming by targeting her appearance and gender.

This comment by Kim Izzye Hyun critiqued Embran’s success by contributing it to her flawless skin instead of her skills as a gamer. 

Hate comment (1)
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Roy Wong flat out said that Embran’s only successful because she’s beautiful. 

Hate comment (2)
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Even if you were to take a look at the comments left on Embran’s streams, which can be viewed on MissRose Gaming , you’ll notice that a majority of the comments are solely about her appearance. 

Comment on her good looks
Image adapted from: MissRose Gaming

The Facebook comment in Malay can be translated to “why are you so pretty, Miss?”

Comments like these are not a one-time occurrence either, as we see them happen with successful women all the time. Their achievements are often undermined and attributed to other irrelevant factors such as appearance and gender. 

Supportive M’sians clap back 

Luckily, not all Malaysians agreed with the harmful stereotypes spread by some others. There were many others who went all out in defending Embran against her haters. 

Edward showed his full support for female gamers as even though it is a male-dominated sport, it doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be given a fair chance to join this lucrative industry.

Supportive comment (1)
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Mike Koh rebutted by saying that if Embran was earning RM18,000 from selling nasi lemak instead of gaming, nobody would have any complaints to voice out.

Supportive comment (2)
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Hirumi called out the hypocrisy of the netizens in question, saying that if the same people who left these hate comments were to wed a wife who also happens to earn RM18,000 through gaming, they’d probably be over the moon.

Supportive comment (3)
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Successful women as a norm

Embran (1)
Image credit: @lyndaembran

We’ve officially entered the 22nd century, but it appears that a handful of us are still behind on important movements regarding gender equality. We also need to get rid of the conservative view that states a woman’s sole duty in life is to serve her husband and children. 

Women’s successes need to be celebrated as much as men’s, especially when both parties are putting in the same amount of effort to get to where they are. 

Be sure to check out her gaming channel where she usually chats with viewers and answers any burning questions they may have while surviving the battlefield.