Malaysia is one of the world’s best places to retire

As Malaysians, it’s always great to see our beloved country make it into positive international ranking lists. This happened twice recently when our passports ranked 13th globally and Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) was recognised for its excellent service.

Once again this new year, we are lucky enough to see Malaysia included in a top ranking list – our nation has been ranked 15th in the 2022 World’s Best Places To Retire.

Malaysia ranks 15th in Global Retirement Index 2022

Malaysia places to retire in 2022
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International Living, a print and online magazine that provides details on the best places to live, retire, travel, and invest in the world, released its 2022 Annual Global Retirement Index earlier this month.

The survey, which claims to be one of the most inclusive and in-depth of its kind, has ranked 25 countries from around the world in its World’s Best Places To Retire list in 2022.

The list evaluates countries based on 10 criteria:

  • Housing
  • Benefits and discounts
  • Visas and residence
  • Fitting in / entertain[ment]
  • Development
  • Climate
  • Healthcare
  • Governance
  • Opportunity
  • Cost of living.

The aforementioned are averaged for an overall score that determines each country’s ranking on the list.

In it, Malaysia has been ranked 15th with an average score of 72 out of 100. Our country comes behind Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, France, and Spain, among others.

High scores for development, healthcare & cost of living

Global Retirement Index 2022
Image credit: International Living

A closer look into Malaysia’s individual scores for each of the categories shows that development, healthcare, and cost of living are the three areas in which we scored at least 90.

This was then followed by categories such as opportunity, housing and governance in which Malaysia scored 78, 75, and 70 respectively.

Low performing areas for Malaysia include benefits, visas and residence, entertainment, and climate.

Overall, Malaysia is the 3rd best place to retire in Asia behind Thailand which claimed the top spot in Asia with an average score of 72.9 followed by Cambodia with 72.3.

World’s best places to retire in 2022

It’s great to see Malaysia being named one of the best places to retire in 2022. We hope the quality of living in our country will only continue to improve in coming years, so that our country remains a safe and comfortable place for people to live and retire in.

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