Maggie mee as wedding favours

Think wedding favours and you’ll think bottle openers, tea infusers, and chocolate. While there’s no doubt these are practical gifts, they lack a level of originality or humour that makes a wedding unforgettable for its guests.

In comes a Malaysian Twitter user going by the handle @ctnajihahz, who knocks all stereotypes out of the park with an original and funny wedding favour idea: instant noodles.

Long-time dream come true

The bride-to-be, whose real name is Siti Najihah as reported by Malay Mail, tweeted that she had wanted to gift instant noodles as a wedding favour since her younger days. 

Twitter screenshot Maggie Mee
Image credit: @ctnajihahz

Her tweet can be translated as: 

“Back when I was in school, I told my parents if I got married I’d like to give Maggie to my guests as a door gift.” 

And according to Malay Mail, the 22-year-old’s parents were supportive of the humorous idea. They were even enthusiastic about the prospect of buying boxes of instant noodles wholesale. While her fiance was surprised at first, he reportedly supported the idea too.

Netizens & Maggi stan

After Siti tweeted about her unique and original wedding favour choice, netizens couldn’t help but applaud her creativity. 

Some Twitter users such as @rarahssn said the idea had never crossed her mind, adding two laughing-crying emojis to emphasise her point. 

Twitter screenshot comment
Image credit: @ctnajihahz

Others such as Reddit user u/faizalr17 commented that it was a very useful goodie for a wedding that invokes nostalgia, and wished the couple a happy marriage. 

Reddit Screenshot Maggi Mee Wedding Favour comment
Image credit:

And because Siti’s tweet went viral – garnering 9.1K retweets and 12.8K likes, it captured the attention of Maggi, the brand of instant noodles that Siti chose. The company tweeted a congratulatory reply back at her and there were warm and fuzzy feelings all around. 

Twitter screenshot reply Maggi
Image credit:

Maggi’s tweet can be translated as:

“Greetings, @ctnajihahz We from MAGGI wish you CONGRATULATIONS and happy wedding day! We are honoured to be a part of your ceremony.”

Practicality is favoured

Siti later followed up with another tweet saying “Of course there’s something else”, accompanied by a photo of neatly packed paper bags. 

Twitter screenshot tweet
Image credit: @ctnajihahz

While she has not revealed the contents, we think the packaging keeps true to her very pragmatic “branding”. After all, paper bags are practical and eco-friendly, and underscores the simple idea that it’s the thought that counts. 

Instant noodles as door gifts

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows how stressful it can get, so it’s good that Siti’s unconventional choice wedding favour is making waves on the Internet. 

It just goes to show that sometimes, the best gifts are the most unexpected and practical ones. And that what’s important for a wedding is that everyone has a good time and leave with a smile on their faces.

Cover image adapted from: @ctnajihahz

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