KLoé Hotel’s work-from-hotel package deal

You’ve probably bumped into photos of KLoé Hotel on your social media feed, as this industrial-chic boutique hotel in KL, which opened in February 2020, has been gaining popularity during the MCO. The staycation hot spot boasts one photo spot after another – from tastefully decorated rooms to an in-house cafe and diner. 

If you’re looking for a change in your WFH environment, consider KLoé Hotel’s new work-from-hotel deal. For RM140/day, busy bees with a daily 9-to-5 can camp out in their comfy private hotel room to work. This workation deal also comes with 3 meals and coffee, so you won’t even have to step out of the hotel the entire day. 

Boutique hotel with Instagenic cafes

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - Lobby
KLoé Hotel’s Instagenic lobby area
Image credit: @kloehotel

KLoé Hotel is located in the heart of KL in Bukit Bintang, just a 12-minute drive from Petronas Twin Towers. It’s become a retreat for people who want to take a break in the city. Many of them check in for a one-night stay at their creative lofts, which include curated rooms such as Room To Read (RM700/night) and Room To Grow (RM700/night).

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - Living Room
KLoé Hotel’s living room
Image credit: @kloehotel

While the rooms are no doubt beautiful and comfy, you’ll find many camping out at their lobby area, or “Living Room”, to get work done too. That’s because this cosy, well-lit space – which is fitted with a sunroof, floor-to-ceiling windows, wood decor and open-bricked walls – is made to be inviting.

There’s even a communal dining table for like-minded individuals to mingle over coffee, and several cushy couches and armchairs for those who are just swinging by to relax – all before MCO kicked in, of course.

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - Living Room
Image adapted from: @kloehotel & @kloehotel

As social distancing measures has limited the seating spots, KLoé Hotel took to their Facebook page to announce the introduction of a work-from-hotel deal called “Kreating at KLoé”. This workation package lets you access this public Instagenic area and a private hotel room for 8 hours (9AM to 5PM) for RM140.

Included in this package is a lunch at Monroe, a cosy diner located inside the hotel that serves up 50s vibes and hearty plates. You’ll get to pick a main, with selections such as Grilled Cheese Sandwich (RM18) or Lamb Ragu (RM38), along with a soda to charge you back up during your lunch break. 

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - Monroe
Image adapted from: @kloehotel & @monroe.kl

Breakfast and tea time snacks are also included in the package, as you can get coffee and pastry offerings from their in-house cafe, Lucky Coffee Bar.

Start off your day with a hot drink of your choice, including Americano (RM10) and Oat Milk Latte (RM14), and a freshly baked pastry – included in the menu are options such as croissants (RM6/pc) and cakes (from RM14/slice).

For tea time, you can get Cold Pressed Juice (RM14) or a hot drink, complete with a pastry at the coffee bar too. If you’re feeling extra peckish for the day, you’ll also get 10% off any additional food or beverage order with your WFH pass at the hotel. 

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - Lucky Coffee Bar
Image adapted from: @luckycoffeebar & @luckycoffeebar

Work from home in a private hotel room

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - City Room
Image credit: @kloehotel

While these common areas in the hotel make for a good change of scenery, introverts can hole up in a private hotel room that’s included in this package too. You’ll be treated to a day’s stay at their City Room (from RM290/night), which is decked out in more wood decor and industrial vibes, as well as a king-sized bed, smart TV, and en-suite bathroom. 

KLoe Hotel Work From Hotel - desk
Image credit: @kloe.hotel

There’s also a work desk in the room, and you’ll get to gaze out of a large window to catch views of KL’s skyline when you take those recommended breaks from your screen too.

Stationery, instant coffee, and snacks are provided in the hotel room as well.

KLoe Hotel Work From HotelImage credit: @kloe.hotel

Change of scenery with KLoé Hotel’s work from hotel deal

We’ve all had to give up on our travel plans during the MCO. This is why this work-from-hotel deal that KLoé Hotel is offering is giving those with a 9-5 the best of both worlds. Busy bees will get a change in environment from their usual WFH set-up while getting to sneak in some photos for the ‘Gram too. You’ll also be gifted RM100 worth of credit in the package that you can use to book their Courtyard Room (from RM550/night) for your future staycation plans.

To book this work from hotel package at KLoé Hotel, click here.

Address: 227 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 24 hours, Daily
Telephone: 03-2772-1313

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Cover image adapted from: @monroe.kl & @kloe.hotel

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