Klang Valley transitions to Phase Three on 1st Oct

Klang Valley recently moved to Phase Two of the National Recovery Plan (NRP) on Friday, 10th September 2021. The transition came with changes in standard operating procedures (SOPs), including the removal of roadblocks in Klang Valley to allow fully vaccinated individuals to travel between KL, Selangor, and Putrajaya.

As of 1st October, more SOP changes will arrive, as Klang Valley is set to move to Phase Three of the NRP, beginning 1st October, as announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri. Here are some changes in SOPs that you can expect.

No more states will be under Phase One of NRP

Klang Valley Phase Three - transition
Image credit: Majlis Keselamatan Negara

PM Ismail Sabri’s announcement has since been shared via a press statement by the Prime Minister’s Office on Facebook on 29th September. According to the statement, Klang Valley – which covers Selangor, Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya – will move from Phase Two to Phase Three on 1st October.

Other states that will see phase transitions on 1st October are Melaka, from Phase Two to Three, and Kedah, from Phase One to Two.

With Kedah moving into Phase Two of the NRP, there will be no states in Malaysia in Phase One of the NRP – which is considered a strict lockdown akin to the first round of the Movement Control Order.

Klang Valley Phase Three - phases
Image credit: Pejabat Perdana Menteri

The decision to move Klang Valley, Melaka and Kedah to the next phase of the NRP takes into account risk assessment by the Health Ministry (KKM) and National Security Council (MKN).

Malaysia reportedly is seeing a decline in the Covid-19 infectivity rate (R-naught) – with a low of 0.88 recorded on Tuesday (28th Sep) – and a decline in Covid-19 patient admissions in the intensive care unit (ICU) too.

As of 29th September, 85.7% of the adult population – or 20,093,678 individuals – in Malaysia are now fully vaccinated, as reported by the Special Committee On Ensuring Access To Covid-19 Vaccine Supply (JKJAV). 

Klang Valley Phase Three - decline R-naught
Image credit: Noor Hisham Abdullah

Likewise, according to PM Ismail Sabri’s press statement, the Adolescent National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme (Adolescent PICK) has seen 1,217,386 vaccine doses administered to those between 12 and 17 years of age ever since the programme kicked off. This is timely, with the reopening of schools in phase beginning in October, and more individuals under 18 years old expected to receive their vaccinations soon.

On the subject of interstate travel expected to be announced in mid-October, PM Ismail Sabri reiterated that it will be allowed once 90% of the adult population has been fully vaccinated.

The government will also consider reopening more economic sectors.

Phase Three SOPs for Klang Valley residents

Those in Klang Valley can expect several changes to SOPs once 1st October rolls around.

According to the official portal of the NRP, dine-in is permitted for all individuals, with physical distancing of at least 1 metre observed at all times. However, no dine-in gatherings at eateries are allowed.

Update (1st October 2021): Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin clarified that dine-ins will remain for the fully vaccinated in all phases of the National Recovery Plan only. An official press statement will be released to address this.

Three individuals, instead of two – regardless of vaccination status – can ride in a vehicle at any one time to shop for necessities under Phase Three of the NRP. For fully vaccinated individuals, allowance for passengers in a vehicle will remain subject to the car’s capacity. Those who are not vaccinated will be allowed to cross districts again.

For staff attendance, 80% of employees can now return to their workplace in both private and public sectors, while agricultural and commodities sectors may operate at full capacity. If all employees and employer are fully vaccinated, 100% employee attendance is allowed, as previously announced by PM Ismail Sabri.

All non-contact sports are allowed in open and closed areas with physical distancing observed. Fully vaccination individuals will see a change in hours for sports activities from 6AM-10PM to 6AM-12AM.

A full list of SOPs can be found on the National Security Council’s (MKN) website here.

Spectator sports allowed and more under Phase Three

Along with the decision to move three states to the next phase of the NRP, PM Ismail Sabri also announced several changes in SOPs for social activities beginning 1st October too.

A major change comes as sports and recreational matches may welcome live spectators back in areas under Phase Two, Three and Four, but on the basis that they are fully vaccinated. Likewise, audience members will have to wear their face masks throughout all events, with eating or drinking not allowed at the stadium to prevent anyone from removing their masks.

Those under 18 years of age will strictly not be permitted inside too.

Klang Valley Phase Three - SOP changes
Image credit: Pejabat Perdana Menteri and Pejabat Perdana Menteri

Official government and private functions, such as inaugurations, seminars and workshops, will be allowed to resume at 50% capacity for states under Phase Two and Three of the NRP, and full capacity in Phase Four. This covers fully vaccinated individuals. For those who are not vaccinated, they will be required to undergo Covid-19 testing before attending any events.

From 15th October, skills training and industrial training centres – covering vocational colleges, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), and more – will be allowed to reopen in all NRP phases.

All this follows after more tourism and recreational activities were allowed to resume on 1st October too, including zoos, aquariums, fishing, forest parks, and spas.

Klang Valley under Phase Three beginning 1st October

It seems like a short time since Klang Valley moved into Phase Two of the NRP, with restrictions relaxing as Malaysia gears up to enter the endemic phase. With Phase Three not far away for Klang Valley residents, many are most likely glad to be able to return to their usual activities as they once did before the pandemic.

Nonetheless, with cases still yet to drop below the 10,000 mark in our country, let’s keep following SOPs to help stop the spread of Covid-19.

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Cover image adapted from: Pejabat Perdana Menteri and Wikicommons 

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