Kelantan reclassified as yellow zone with 1 new case

Kelantan now a yellow zone from interstate traveller
Kelantan is now a yellow zone after new case with interstate travel history was reported
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Malaysia has seen an increase in green zones during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), leaving just 7 active red zones just 3 days ago. So while COVID-19 cases in Malaysia crossed the 7,000 mark yesterday things have been looking on the brighter side.

But the cause of concern is not yet over. Interstate travel has contributed to 14% of confirmed cases in Malaysia. And yesterday, 1 new case of interstate traveller has caused Kelantan to be reclassified as a yellow zone after having successfully recorded no new cases for 24 days. 

Green zones in Malaysia reports new COVID-19 cases

New cases in Malaysia states
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On 20th May 2020, KKM reported new cases scattered across states in Malaysia: Selangor (15), Kuala Lumpur (10), Putrajaya (2), Kedah (1), Terengganu (1), and Sabah (1). 

With this, Kedah and Kelantan are now reclassified as yellow zones with the addition of 1 new case in each state. The latter had been declared as a green zone with zero active cases as early as 28th April, according to a report by The Star

COVID-19 in Malaysia
Not all bad news, Malaysia is now seeing 17 days of new cases in the 2-digits
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The new case in Kelantan is from a 35-weeks pregnant woman who travelled from Ampang, a red zone, to her hometown in Kelantan to give birth. She tested positive for the virus while on a routine maternity check-up, as reported by Malay Mail

She was permitted to travel between the 2 states on 7th May during the scheduled interstate travels officiated by the government between 7th-10th May. She’s now in quarantine, and contact tracing has begun to figure out if she caught the virus in Ampang or Kelantan. 

More roadblocks to curb interstate travel in Malaysia

This follows news of an increase in interstate travel since 13th May. Malay Mail reports that there have been 2,405 vehicles caught at 14 roadblocks attempting to balik kampung without permits since then. 

To put that into perspective, there are currently over 147 roadblocks nationwide that are still active. 

According to New Straits Times, anyone found travelling without a permit will now be issued a compound fine after previous offenders were let off with a warning. Police and army personnel will also be making home visits during Hari Raya to ensure that Malaysians are practicing social distancing and not travelling without permits.

Highway Gombak roadblock
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States such as Selangor are now ramping up its roadblocks in response, with 5 new additions on highways since yesterday to help curb interstate travel:

  1. North South Expressway (PLUS) near the Tanjung Malim Toll Plaza (north-bound)
  2. PLUS near the Putra Mahkota Toll Plaza (south-bound)
  3. North–South Expressway Central Link (Elite) near the Bandar Serania Toll Plaza (south-bound)
  4. Kajang-Seremban Highway (Lekas) near the Eco Majestic Toll Plaza 
  5. Gombak Toll Plaza (south-bound)

Kelantan has new COVID-19 case from interstate travel

It has been a difficult time for Malaysians having to be apart from their families and friends for special occasions and festivals during this time, with CMCO putting literal roadblocks on activities. 

But with interstate travelling seeing new cases crop up across Malaysia in green zones, it’s a harsh reminder as to why it’s important that we stay put to help keep COVID-19 contained.

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