Sabahan dresses up as Iron Man while handing out food aid

iron man in sabah cover pic
Iron Man appears in Sabah and is spotted giving out food aid to families in need
Image adapted from: Yohan Charles Jayasuriya

We’ve been seeing a lot of Malaysians in costumes this Movement Control Order (MCO) period, whether as a way to brighten up a fellow Malaysian’s day or to sneak past a police-manned roadblock. This time around, our very own local Iron Man was spotted in Penampang, Sabah where he was seen giving out food aid to community members.

The 42-year-old Sabahan man became a hero in his own right when he donned on the elaborate costume to cheer up any kids he might have come across while doing his rounds around town. But we’re sure his costume earned a few smiles from adults too.

Iron man hands out food aid to school alumni affected by MCO

According to Harian Metro, Yohan Charles Jayasuriya has joined forces with his former school’s alumni to hand out food aid to those who have been affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO).

While the MCO is in place only to break the chain of infections by COVID-19 and to curb the virus from spreading any further, the tight restrictions have also placed a burden on many families who are now struggling to make ends meet.

iron man in sabah
Image credit: @Yohan Charles Jayasuriya

In light of this, the ex-students of Sekolah Menengah St Michael Penampang have banded together to help out their fellow companions.

However, Sabahans won’t be seeing a group of superheroes roaming the streets anytime soon, as donning the Iron Man costume was Jayasuriya’s personal decision. And it was only made possible because he already had a collection of 3 Iron Man costumes. #TeamMarvel

food aid
Biscuits, eggs, rice, instant noodles, and flour included in the food aid
Image credit:
@Yohan Charles Jayasuriya

In an interview, Jayasuriya shared that he was more than happy to be able to contribute back to society by providing aid to his former schoolmates.

Kids came running to him while saying “thank you”

Not even heroes are exempt from the hot Malaysian weather. Jayasuriya had to endure the scorching heat even as he was driving in his car to get from one house to the next.

He said that being inside the Iron Man costume wasn’t easy, but his efforts proved to be worth it each time he saw the smiles on the food aid recipients’ faces.

iron man in car
Image credit: @Yohan Charles Jayasuriya

He continued to say that he didn’t mind sweating buckets and having sore spots all over his body as long as he was able to entertain the kids who finally had the chance to meet Iron Man with their own eyes.

He also shared that he would tear up each time a kid ran up to him to thank him for the food aid.

Another timely hero appears in Sabah

Every frontliner out there during this COVID-19 pandemic is a hero, be it our hospital staff or food delivery riders. Jayasuriya has certainly proved himself one as well with his kind deed, and we’re glad to know that the families affected by MCO have not been forgotten.

A majority of us are lucky enough to have the resources to sit out this MCO period, but it sadly isn’t the case for a number of families out there. While we can do our part by staying home until the MCO is lifted, we can also consider going the extra mile by lending a helping hand to communities in need.

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