Ipoh’s first petting zoo opens its doors

Ipoh is a popular road trip spot for Klang Valley residents, and it’s not hard to see why. The capital of Perak has an abundance of good food, scenic limestone views, and plenty of charming attractions to explore. Now, the town has its very first petting zoo – Pavilion Petting Zoo – to add on to the list of places that locals can visit while in Ipoh.

Pavilion Petting Zoo opens at Gunung Lang Recreational Park

According to a report by Ipoh Echo, Pavilion Petting Zoo is a partnership between Ipoh City Council (MBI) and Pavilion Petting Zoo. Located in Gunung Lang Recreational Park, the petting zoo takes up four and a half acres of space – the size of three football fields.

goats at petting zoo
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The petting zoo is now officially opened to the public as of January 2021, after welcoming visitors during their pre-launch on 26th December 2020. Animal lovers can now drop by this spot in Ipoh to interact with over 100 species of furry and scaly, big and tiny creatures alike, for an affordable price of RM6/pax for adults and children.

Don’t leave out anyone while making a trip out here, as kids under 2 years old and senior citizens over 58 years old will get to enter the petting zoo for free.

More than 800 animals to play with

The 100 species comprise more than 800 animals, including adorable and fluffy bunnies, a plethora of birds, raccoons, friendly lambs and goats, ponies, geese, hedgehogs, hamsters, and even reptiles such as snakes and iguanas for the brave-hearted.

reptile at petting zoo
Image credit: @pavilionpetting

Pavilion Petting Zoo will definitely be a haven for animal-lovers, as they’ll get to come in contact with both common household pets and farm animals.

rabbit at petting zoo
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Designed to be a family-oriented tourist attraction, it’ll also be a perfect place to bring your little ones and incorporate some learning in between, as the animals are gentle and have gotten used to being around humans.

pony at ipoh petting zoo
Image credit: @wiyahlove

Pavilion Petting Zoo is Ipoh’s latest tourist attraction

There are plenty of attractions in Ipoh to check out. This now includes Pavilion Petting Zoo, which families and animal lovers can look to visiting for an affordable price while rediscovering our homeland.

During the National Recovery Plan (NRP), visitors of Pavilion Petting Zoo are required to show their fully vaccinated status. Standard operating procedures (SOPs) in place include physical distancing, wearing a face mask, and frequent sanitising of hands.

Address: Jalan Damai, 30100 Ipoh, Perak
Opening hours (during the NRP): 10AM-5PM, Daily
Telephone: 019-900 9079
Pavilion Petting Zoo Facebook

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Cover image adapted from: Pavilion Petting Zoo, Pavilion Petting Zoo, and Pavilion Petting Zoo.

This article was updated on 13th October 2021.

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