Ichiran Ramen from Japan

Ichiran Ramen in KL cover pic
Ichiran Ramen in KL

Ichiran Ramen has landed in KL for the first time ever in the form of a pop-up store, and Malaysians have already been seen queuing before the metal shutters went up. Those of us who can’t travel to Japan can now just make the short drive to KLCC for a taste of Japan’s most famous ramen noodles from 13th22nd March 2020

Find the store inside Isetan

To find the pop-up store, head to the Concourse level of KLCC and search for Isetan. A big telltale sign is just to look for the snaking queue outside and a staff member with a huge “Ichiran Ramen” signboard in his hands. 

Ichiran Ramen in KL pop-up store
Place your order at the counter before you take a seat

As there is limited seating inside, diners will be asked to wait outside the department store until there is an availability. Then, you’ll be guided into the pop-up store inside Isetan by a staff member where you’ll join a shorter queue.

While waiting, you’ll be given a simple order sheet where you can choose to pay with either cash or card. You’ll also be asked to specify whether you’d like to dine at the “focus booth” or at the general dining area. 

You’ll be able to find these “focus booths” at the pop-up store, just like the ones in Japan. The cosy booth lets you comfortably dine without having to worry about others intruding on your personal space. However, there are limited booths available, so be prepared to wait for a seat. 

Ichiran focus booths

The famed tonkotsu ramen 

The Tonkotsu-Free Ramen (RM22/bowl) is served with a generous helping of fresh scallions, kikurage mushrooms or wood ear mushrooms, and a pinch of their signature chilli powder. While you won’t be able to customise your order here, it’s a decent bowl of ramen that’ll have you looking forward to the real thing in Japan. 

Ichiran tonkotsu-free ramen
The pork-free broth is bursting with flavours and can be enjoyed by anyone

The noodles are definitely the highlight here. The silky-smooth strands have a tender bite to them and are great at soaking up the rich broth. For those who like it extra spicy, you can grab more chilli packets from the counter to douse your noodles in.

Ramen noodles
They’re generous with their portions, so a bowl of ramen here can certainly fill you up

Malaysians excited to try Ichiran Ramen

There are few things Malaysians love more than food, which is why you can always expect us to show up whenever we catch a whiff of delicious treats awaiting. The same happened this morning outside Isetan as hungry diners swarmed Isetan’s entrance to be the first to try Ichiran Ramen. 

Isetan entrance
Malaysians flocked to Isetan even on a Friday morning

Ichiran Ramen’s pop-up store will only be operating from today, 13th March 2020 to 22nd March 2020. If you’re planning on making a visit, you have plenty of reason to get yourself out of bed in the morning as they are only serving 500 bowls of ramen each day. 

Address: FoodMarket, Lower Ground Floor, Isetan KLCC, Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11AM-8PM (last order at 7.30PM), Daily

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Photography by Danny Ko.


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