Homeless community get free meals & shelter

Homeless community receives food
Homeless community gets free meals & shelter during MCO
Image adapted from: @iojthetouch

Malaysians have shown that even through Movement Control Order (MCO) and its extension announced, kindness and laughter should not be lost especially during times of crisis.

Not leaving anyone behind as we’re all braving the same storm, both government bodies and NGOs have been providing free food and shelter for the homeless community. This comes with Federal Territories Minister, Tan Sri Annuar Musa, announcing the government’s initiative to provide those without homes with assistance on 24th March 2020.

 Homeless to be placed in specific locations during MCO

According to Bernama, this action plan from the government will see the homeless community being housed at specific locations, including Jalan Pahang Homeless Transit Centre and Anjung Singgah. They will be provided with daily meals and beds here for the duration of MCO.

This follows after Ministry of Health announced that COVID-19 screenings are being offered to 500 homeless individuals in KL. It was carried out by the National Security Council on 21st March, to ensure that all Malaysians are safe from contracting any COVID-19 symptoms during this time.

Homeless get COVID-19 screening
Image adapted from: @KKMPutrajaya

NGOs steps in to help

Institut Onn Ja'afarImage credit: @iojthetouch

Several NGOs have also been giving out free food to the homeless community, as well those who are facing financial difficulties during this period. This includes Institut Onn Ja’afar and Kechara Soup Kitchen, which have been seeing long lines for those looking for food assistance. But rest assured, they made sure that everyone who came by was adhering to social-distancing rules.

Kechara Soup Kitchen lines
Image credit: @KecharaSoupK

Community also providing homeless with free meals

Feeding the homeless
Image adapted from: Eble Lai

Communities have also decided to help out to provide relief to those in need, including Eble Lai and several other individuals in Seri Kembangaan. They all came together to give the homeless and elderly face masks, packed food from Chuan Seng Seafood, and water bottles 2 days in a row.

She shared a 3-minute long Facebook video showing what they have done to urge her community to help out as well:

Facebook post from Eble Lai
Image adapted from: Eble Lai

Homeless community gets food and shelter during MCO

With MCO extension in place, we’re all trying our best to get through another 2 weeks of staying at home to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

But not everyone is lucky enough to be in the safety of their homes as MCO carries on – which is why we’re glad to see the government and communities lending a hand to the homeless community. It is a temporary relief from their struggles, but it ensures that we’re all safe from the virus and being fed during this time.

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