Half Full Cafe in Sungai Petani, Kedah

There aren’t as many aesthetic cafés in Kedah that serve speciality coffee as there may be in neighbouring Penang. Livening up the cafe scene in Sungai Petani is Half Full Cafe, a cafe where you can sip on freshly brewed coffee, take photos, and savour hand-picked treats in a welcoming space.

Located about 40 minutes away from Penang, and just a few minutes drive from a local Lotus’s outlet, Half Full Cafe also serves light, airy chiffon cakes and pastries for Kedahans to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Minimalistic and modern cafe in Sungai Petani

Half Full Cafe - Seatings
Image credit: Half Full Coffee

Inspired by the minimalism concept, Half Full Cafe’s space offers patrons a peaceful environment that’s perfect for sampling their coffee drinks and eating desserts with little distractions. Its modern and sleek interior will appeal to cafe hoppers who value simplicity in cafe spaces too.

Half Full Cafe - Pastries
Image adapted from: Nightking Leong and Half Full Coffee

With its wood-meets-concrete interior, and touch of green from indoor plants, the newly opened cafe is also worth a visit if you are looking to take some Instagram-worthy images while experiencing some momentary serenity.

Half Full Cafe
A cosy corner nestled away in the back of the cafe
Image credit: Half Full Coffee

There are several seating options in this cosy cafe, including bar seats where patrons can see how the barista brews coffee. We recommend this area for those who enjoy dining alone. Find larger tables to accommodate those who are coming with family or friends too.

Not just an aesthetically pleasing cafe

Founded and managed by an experienced team, this cafe takes pride in their food by using quality ingredients for its coffee and desserts.

Half Full Cafe - Lychee Kombucha
Lychee Kombucha is their newly launched drink
Image credit: Half Full Coffee

While the cafe is known to brew speciality coffee, there are a plethora of drink selections to choose from even if you’re not a coffee drinker such as their Lychee Kombucha (RM14), which strikes a fragrant balance between tartness and fruitiness. The Cucumber Meets Kiwi (RM10) is another non-caffeinated fizzy option, where freshness meets tanginess with the unique cucumber and kiwi combo.

Half Full Cafe - Drinks 2
Image credit: Annur Khairul

For matcha lovers, try their Dirty Matcha Latte (RM14) – a drink that seamlessly blends matcha and coffee with milk – or another refreshing alternative, their Ginger & Thyme Espresso Tonic (RM16). It combines sharp ginger-flavoured tonic and rich, robust espresso with a hint of earthy and floral notes from thyme.

Half Full Cafe - Drinks 1
Image adapted from: Half Full Coffee

Try their exclusive single origin coffees (from RM13) to savour the distinct notes of their coffee blends sourced from around the world. They regularly switch out their blends, but some regular ones you can find here are Rwanda (RM13) and Costa Rica (RM14).  

If you desire a bold cup of coffee with fruity notes, go for their The Pink Panther (RM15) which has hints of strawberry and brownie flavours that works well for iced lattes.

Half Full Cafe - Drinks 3
Image adapted from: Annur Khairul and Half Full Coffee

Half Full Cafe is a place where you can also customise your drinks, from the base – house blend, single origin, green tea or red tea – to the flavouring, with options including caramel and rose.

Or try their modern take on a kopitiam classic – cham, or coffee and milk tea – in their Red Latte (RM12) and Green Latte (RM12) drinks, which serves a shot of espresso and milk blended with green or red tea respectively.

Half Full Cafe - Chiffon Cakes
Image credit: Half Full Coffee

Coffee drinks aside, a majority of their customers come for Half Full Cafe’s dessert selection. They provide a variety of options, such as their light, fluffy Earl Grey Chiffon (RM12) topped with rose cream and Coconut Gula Melaka Affogato (RM11).

Or swing by to see what’s on their pastry rack, with options for sweet treats changing every day.

Half Full Cafe has fluffy chiffon cakes & speciality coffee

Half Full Cafe is a relatively new cafe, having only opened their doors to patrons in 2021. But they are worth a visit if you’re in the area and in the mood for some speciality coffee and scrumptious pastries.

Address: No.4, Jalan N-City 1/1, N-City, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah
Opening Hours: Wed – Mon 10AM-8PM (Closed on Tuesdays)
Telephone: 017-608 0528
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