Malaysian men doing grocery shopping during MCO

Majority of Malaysians haven’t had to go through a Movement Control Order (MCO) before, so it’s pretty understandable why citizens are not exactly sure how to deal with it at the moment. It has only been 1 week since we’ve been instructed to stay at home, and many households are already running low on their stash of groceries to tide them over.

This includes a Malaysian man who had to make a trip to the supermarket over the weekend. In a hilarious Facebook post that has garnered a whopping 57,000 reactions and 36,000 shares, Cheanu Chew noticed poor fellow husbands who were truly struggling to buy the right groceries for their wives. 

Every man was glued to their phones

It was recently reported that only 1 person from each household was allowed to leave the house for essential things like going to the supermarket. 

So when Chew went out to get food for the week, he noticed a similarity with all the men around him: everyone was glued to their phones. And it turns out they were all trying to appease their wives:

comments on grocery shopping
Image adapted from: Cheanu Chew

He added that the guy who was getting scolded over loudspeaker had taken the wrong type of carrots. He also mentioned that a lady shopper decided to wait patiently for her turn while the man sorted out his carrot issue as she felt bad for him.

Grocery shopping during MCO
Image credit: Cheanu Chew

Netizens totally understand the predicament

Chew joked that shoppers like him ought to head out with fully charged handphones and get enough sleep before their “missions”. 

Meanwhile, his comments section blew up with supportive words from those who totally understood what these men were going through. 

Grocery shopping
A commenter added this picture with a caption in Chinese saying, “don’t play play.”
Image credit: Charlotter Pua

These commenters commended the efforts of those who’re taking the risk to go out and stock up on food for the family during the MCO:

comments on grocery shopping
Image adapted from: Cheanu Chew

Another commenter who goes by the name Eddie Lee went on a lighthearted rant to explain exactly what these men were going through, since he had experienced the same thing. He detailed that if you buy the wrong item, you’d probably get nagged by your wife, especially since women’s recipes seem to be more complicated: 

comments on grocery shopping
Image adapted from: Eddie Lee

Malaysians abiding by the MCO during grocery shopping

Chew’s post is a light-hearted reminder of 2 things: the fact that many Malaysians are doing their part by abiding by MCO guidelines during this time; and the fact that these people are not hoarding unnecessary items by following strict shopping lists. 

It’s good to see that this plight is helping us step out of our comfort zones, even if it means getting “scolded” on loudspeaker in public by a concerned spouse. 

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Cover image adapted from: Cheanu Chew & Charlotter Pua

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