Grandpas film TikTok videos for family

TikTok is commonly used by millennials and zoomers. But showing that anyone of any age can join the club too, this pair of grandpas, also known as TikTok Atok” or TikTok grandpas, have taken to the video-sharing platform posting entertaining videos of themselves in comedic situations.

Their reason for doing so: to entertain one of the duo’s kids and grandchildren, who live in Singapore. 

The start of TikTok Atok

Videos shared by the duo can be found on their TikTok account, @khookohleong. The stars behind the account are Chua Kim Hock, who is 74 years old, and Khoo Koh Leong, 85 years old. 

TikTok Atok - TikTok Some of the videos that the duo have posted show the sporting grandpas engaging in comedic skits
Image adapted from: @khookohleong and Khoo Kohleong

While their account has garnered over 22K followers at the time of writing, the humble grandpas said that it was not popularity that they were after when they filmed their videos.

In an interview with UtusanTV, Chua, going by Ah Hin, says that he started sharing videos filmed by him and Khoo to entertain his family living abroad during the pandemic. It not only helps him miss them a little less, it’s also a great way to use up his free time. And the best part? It helps the pair keep fit in their old age, he joked.

Comedic videos by grandpa duo also shows off sweet friendship 

Chua and Khoo’s videos often take on a comedic nature reminiscent of old-school comedy skits. There is even canned laughter layered over the audio to make the skits even more authentic. The videos also show off the duo’s sweet friendship that have been winning over the Internet too.

One of many videos that has since gone viral with over 40K views sees one of them operating an “automatic” car boot by just sweeping his foot under the car, as if there were a sensor there. But then the camera zooms out to show the other manually opening and closing it for him. 

Another popular video – which garnered an impressive 150K and counting views – shows the pair “riding” on motorcycles. However, the illusion of the sporting grandpas is shattered when a man is shown holding and waving the leaves seen “rustling” from the speed of their bikes. 

TikTok Atok - TikTok video
Video credit: @khookohleong 

But the TikTok Atok don’t only do comedy videos. 

A video shared on their TikTok account back on 9th April 2021 shows a sweet moment between the two grandpas. In it, Chua helps Khoo put his belt through the loop of his pants after he struggles to do so. 

The video has since racked up an impressive 13K views at the time of writing.

TikTok Atok - TikTok video
Video credit: @khookohleong 

TikTok Atok entertains all with wholesome videos

Many have taken their talents to entertain and impress on TikTok – including these Malaysian TikTokers who share helpful tips with their followers. Chua and Khoo’s “TikTok Atok” account is not left out of the equation, with wholesome videos bringing much-needed smiles to their families and more during the pandemic. 

If you want to check out more of their videos, you can give them a follow at their TikTok account here.  

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Cover image adapted from: @khookohleong and @khookohleong 

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