Grandmothers challenge each other with punching bag

grandmothers duelling cover pic
Image adapted from: @joxxanna

The country will have to celebrate a different kind of Raya this year, with the interstate travel ban and limits placed on the number of house guests you can have. While it won’t be as bustling and lively when you balik kampung this time around, these 2 grandmothers show that all you need is a fun-loving attitude to kick off the celebrations with a bang – and a few laughs too.

While spending time at home ahead of Raya, these 2 playful grandmothers began to duel it out with an inflatable punching bag as the entire house echoed with laughter.

Inflatable punching bag makes a fun bonding session

On 21st May 2020, Twitter user @joxxanna posted a short 45-second clip of her grandmothers having a go at the inflatable punching bag that was in the living room. Her caption in Malay can be translated to “Look at what these grandmothers of mine are doing”.

The post has since garnered over 8,000 retweets and 9,000 likes from fellow Malaysians who were equally amused at the sight of the 2 neneks happily playing with a punching bag.

grandmothers play with punching bag (1)
Image adapted from: @joxxanna

These 2 grandmothers show that you can still keep to your #fitspo goals during festivities while having fun with your relatives. Besides, it’s heartening to see older relatives unafraid to unleash their inner child.

grandmothers play with punching bag (2)
The grandmother in black seemed to be having the most fun as she does a little jiggle here
Image adapted from: @joxxanna

As they were using an inflatable sort of punching bag and not the weighted kind you’d see in an MMA gym, it’s relatively kid-safe as it just feels like you’re getting hit by a firm balloon. The pair of grandmothers seemed to take full advantage of this by relentlessly taking turns to shove the punching bag toward the other person.

grandmothers play with punching bag (2)
Image adapted from: @joxxanna

Just when we thought the duel was over when they were panting at the side after their mini-workout, the grandma in blue sneaks up to the punching bag and gives her opponent one final blow before casually walking away.

two grandmothers sitting together
The grandmothers posing for a photo in front of the house
Image adapted from: @joxxanna

Video left netizens in stitches

Netizens who stumbled upon the video while scrolling through their feed were left in stitches after watching it and took to the comments section to share their amusement.

This Twitter user’s comment in Malay can be translated to “I can’t stop laughing by myself because of that one mak cik laughing.”

twitter comment (1)
Image adapted from: @razneo90

@jebatsaycheese jokingly said, “That’s why they say don’t leave your grandmothers alone in the house as things like this will happen.”

twitter comment (2)
Image adapted from: @jebatsaycheese

Another Twitter user gave the grandmother in blue a special shoutout for that final hit at the end.

twitter comment (3)
Image adapted from: @ftn_ain

Grandmothers have fun with a punching bag during Raya

Not all families will be reunited for this year’s Raya celebrations, which just gives us more reason to better enjoy and appreciate the company we have now. We’re happy to see these 2 grandmothers having the time of their lives while playing with the punching bag, and it also shows the strong family bond they have.

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