Gordon Ramsay to open restaurant in Sunway Resort

We were more than excited when news broke that Jamie Oliver, a well-known British chef with cookbooks and TV shows under his belt, would be opening his first restaurant in Malaysia in KLIA not too long ago.

The excitement is not over for Malaysians who enjoy western cuisine from star-studded chefs. British chef and famous TV personality, Gordon Ramsay, is set to open Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill at Sunway Resort in KL on 18th June 2022.

While “idiot sandwiches” and Uncle Roger-approved egg fried rice will not be on the menu, diners can look forward to all the best hits this restaurant is known for – from Beef Wellington to Arnold Bennett Twice-baked Cheese Soufflé and more.

First location outside of London 

Gordon Ramsay Bar Grill - dining
Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

The much anticipated Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill in Sunway Resort is finally opening its doors on 18th June 2022, making it the British chef’s first outlet in Malaysia. He currently has a slew of over 50 restaurants located mainly in London, as well as in Asia in countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Macao and Japan. 

Gordon Ramsay Bar Grill - dining
Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill in Sunway Resort will be serving a menu that’s inspired by Savor Grill – one of London’s most iconic restaurants – with an exquisite array of dishes presented by Gordon Ramsay’s skilled team of culinary chefs.

Gordon Ramsay shared his delight at the opening of his first restaurant in Malaysia, explaining, “This is a concept that was born in London and exudes the British sophistication created out of its original Mayfair setting, however, we always wanted to introduce Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill to an international setting once we had found the perfect partners and the perfect location. Malaysia is a wonderful country with a rich heritage and an exciting future, and I am confident that local guests and international visitors will have an exceptional dining experience in our beautiful new restaurant”.

Swanky restaurant with views of the lagoon

Those who have been to Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill in London will know how atas it is, seeing as it’s located in the 5-star Marriott Hotel, on Grosvenor Square. So you can expect that the Malaysian outlet, housed in the lobby of Sunway Resort, will be just as posh.

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill In Sunway Resort (1)Image credit: Sunway Hotels 

Combining Chef Ramsay’s British heritage with the grandeur of the resort, this new restaurant in KL will boast glittering chandeliers and elegant furniture, with black-and-white wall portraits of British celebrities by acclaimed photographers. 

It will also be outfitted with bar seats to bring you the same lavish atmosphere as its London counterpart. Exclusive private dining rooms – named Mayfair, Soho and Chelsea – are also available for those who want to have a little more privacy. 

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill In Sunway Resort (1)
Image credit: Sunway Hotels 

As Sunway Resort is in the vicinity of well-known shopping mall Sunway Pyramid and water theme-park Sunway Lagoon, you can be sure that you’ll be treated to plenty of breathtaking sights of the nearby man-made lagoons and cityscapes as you gaze out of the floor-to-ceiling windows that border the restaurant. 

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill In Sunway Resort (1)
Image credit: Sunway Hotels 

Famous Beef Wellington in Malaysia

Stunning visuals aside, you can expect to find a menu of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes here that will be a treat for your belly. Their London restaurant serves Beef Wellington, a British dish of tender steak wrapped in flaky puff pastry, which Chef Ramsay is known near and far for.

Gordon Ramsay Bar Grill - beef wellington
Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

Some iconic dish that diners can expect to get here is the Spiced Beef Tartare with Egg Yolk Confit – a culinary classic with raw and perfectly seasoned beef, topped with a glorious confit egg yolk – or the Arnold Bennett Twice-baked Cheese Soufflé with Mornay Sauce, a fabulously fluffy mound of cheese souffle with a lush creamy gravy.

Gordon Ramsay Bar Grill - food
Image adapted from: Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

Look forward to decadent dessert 64% Manjari Chocolate Tart, which is a luxuriant plate of a soft-set bittersweet tart slice that will take chocolate lovers to heaven.

An evening by the cocktail and wine bar is not to be missed out on either. The bar whips up premium wines and spirits, as well as Malaysian-inspired cocktail concoctions and other classics, for wine connoisseur and patrons who would like to wind down with a glass of their favourite beverage.

Gordon Ramsay Bar Grill - cake
Image credit: Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill

Netizens can’t keep their chill over Hell Kitchen‘s star’s restaurant

To say that the opening announcement of Gordon Ramsay’s new restaurant shared on Facebook by Sunway Resort was welcomed by Malaysian foodies would be an understatement. In just a little over 12 hours, the post has racked up over 8,500 shares and 3,700 comments.

While many netizens commented that they were more than eager to try out the food, there were many more who were there to make jokes about Ramsay’s Hell Kitchen performances, including the famous “idiot sandwich” moment that has become a meme.

gordon ramsay idiot sandwich meme
Image credit: Tenor

Since Ramsay is known to be bad tempered, as fans of Hell’s Kitchen and Masterchef US can attest to, Facebook user Elder Cullen Joseph joked, “It would be nice if Gordon could come and grace the [restaurant’s] opening and learn a couple of local swear words as well.”

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill In Sunway Resort (1)
Image adapted from: Elder Cullen Joseph 

And because this is Malaysia, many Malaysians also pulled “Uncle Roger” or Nigel Ng, a well-known Malaysian YouTuber who is based in the UK, into the conversation, asking if the two of them would do a collaboration, and if egg fried rice will be on the menu.

For those of you who don’t know, Uncle Roger made a reaction video to the chef’s egg fried rice recipe, which has over 15 million views on his YouTube channel.

Gordon Ramsay Bar And Grill In Sunway Resort (1)
Netizens ask about egg fried rice

Image adapted from: Sunway Resort

Gordon Ramsay to open new restaurant in Malaysia

We are more than excited about Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant finally opening its doors on the 18th June 2022, since its announcement nearly a year ago. “Idiot sandwiches” and egg fried rice aside, diners will finally get to feast on staple English food created by the legendary British celebrity chef. 

Do make your reservation at Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill in Sunway Resort here, or send an email to gordonramsay.rsvp@sunwayhotels.com if you haven’t already done so, and look forward to a spectacular experience of a culinary adventure.

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Cover image adapted from: Sunway Hotels & @gordonramsaybarandgrill

This article was updated on 15th June 2022, with additional reporting from Jia-ju. 

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