Genting Skyworlds opening soon in Malaysia

Mention Genting Highlands to Malaysians and they’ll immediately think of the plethora of thrilling activities to be found in theme parks and resorts located on this hill station. Come mid-2021, there will be another new attraction to check out here: Genting Skyworlds.

This new theme park is set to open soon, and is a spin-off from a project previously called 20th Century Fox World. But movie buffs can still look forward to getting their share of movie-themed rides and attractions here, as Genting Skyworlds – which spans 26-acres, or about the size of 19 football fields – will comprise 26 rides and attractions inspired by blockbusters such as Ice Age and Planet Of The Apes.

26-acre park with roller coasters and water rides

Genting Skyworlds - view of theme park
Skyview of Genting Skyworlds
Image credit: YouTube

Resorts World Genting already has the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park, a 9-acre indoor theme park with over 20 thrilling rides, in Genting. But Genting Skyworlds will be a new theme park conceptualised in collaboration with 20th Century Studios, that’ll add new movie-themed rides and attractions to the location.

While the theme park’s exact opening date is yet to be revealed, The Edge Markets reports that it is “in the final stages of completion” and will be welcoming visitors during its early months of operation – a date likely to be in mid-2021.

Genting SkyworldsImage credit: @gregjpearn

Once Genting Skyworlds opens its doors, the theme park will be able to welcome over 20,000 visitors at a time in its massive 26-acre space that cost USD800 million, or about RM3 billion, to build. But you won’t have to fret about snaking lines for rides. The park will have a virtual queue system, which lets visitors snag a spot on their rides ahead of time with their phones, as reported by MalayMail.

So you can expect to hop on and off rides and attractions quickly, and hopefully hit up all the 26 roller coasters and water rides that the theme park has to offer.

Movie buffs, in particular, will be in for a treat here, with rides inspired by movie franchises Ice Age, Night at the Museum and Planet of the Apes. But not leaving anyone out of the fun, there will also family-friendly rides to entertain kids if you’re looking to visit with your little ones.

Genting Skyworlds - themed worldsMovie-themed and adventure worlds in Genting Skyworlds
Image credit: @teohsviews and @teohsviews

In between hopping on the rides, you can fill your tummies at the eateries scattered around the park and explore 9 movie-themed and adventure worlds here too. This includes themed attractions from movies such Epic, Ice Age and Rio in the flesh – Andromeda Base, Central Park Gardens, Eagle Mountain, Liberty Lane, Robots Rivet Town and Studio Plaza, and more.

Photos shared on Instagram by several users, including Gregory Pearn, Resort World Genting’s head of theme parks, on his Instagram page, showcase buildings around the theme park created to look like familiar locales in San Francisco, California and New York – to name a few.

Image adapted from: @gregjpearn, @gregjpearn and @gregjpearn

Concept photos shared on retail specialist Spark Creative’s website of a soon-to-open Night At The Museum retail store give visitors a taste of what the theme park will look like come the mid-months of 2021.

Genting Skyworlds - movie-themed retail space
Image credit: Spark Creative

Sneak peek of Genting Skyworlds

Image credit: @resortsworldgenting

A video shared by Genting Sky Worlds on their social media platforms has also been making rounds and going viral online, getting Malaysians thoroughly excited are about the new addition to Genting Highlands.

The video gives a peek of what the theme park will look like on its opening day.

Genting Skyworlds
Video credit: Genting SkyWorlds

You can watch the full video here.

Genting Skyworlds is a new theme park in Genting

Malaysians often plan vacations to Genting Highlands for all the thrills found hiding up on this hill. But come the second quarter of the year, we’ll have one more thing to be excited about, with Genting Skyworlds scheduled to open its doors to the public then.

While prices for tickets and more information for rides and attractions have yet to be announced, you can go ahead and follow Genting Skyworlds on their Facebook and Instagram pages for more updates.

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