Frontliners in Sabah navigate dangerous path to village

The MCO has given more privileged Malaysians ample time to catch up on Netflix shows at home, and while we grunt about having cabin fever, our frontliners have been working for months on end with no breaks in between to keep us safe.

It’s not an argument that the pandemic has been tough on everybody, but it’s plausible to say that our frontliners are the ones who have truly shouldered the brunt of the work. In spite of their own overwhelming exhaustion, they continue to go above and beyond to protect the rakyat.

Editor’s note: Because of the surge of COVID-19 cases in Sabah, the state’s healthcare system is facing tremendous pressure to keep their operations open. Click here to read about how you can donate to the Sabah healthcare system.

Frontliner trying to balance on precarious steps caught on video

A short clip of a frontliner dressed in full protective gear trying to manoeuvre a line of wobbly wooden steps perched above a body of water was shared by Twitter user @Sapik_Z yesterday morning. He also expressed his utmost respect to the frontliners for their sacrifices and committed efforts.

@sapik_z post
Image credit: @Sapik_Z

While the location of where the video was shot was not disclosed, it can be presumed that the water village is inhabited by the isolated Bajau Laut communities in Semporna, Sabah.

The Bajau Laut people, also known as Sea Gypsies, are reportedly stateless individuals who build their floating villages on open waters where the state of infrastructure is decrepit and accessibility is extremely challenging.

frontliner navigating steps gif

Netizens bowled over by frontliners’ hard work

@Sapik_Z’s tweet has gone viral in just a day with over 8,000 retweets and likes, and more than 400,000 video views at the time of writing. Many netizens conveyed their gratitude and admiration towards the frontliners’ impassioned dedication, including @Hanna_9192 who wished them safety and ease in their endeavours.

@hanna_9192 tweetImage credit: @Hanna_9192

Meanwhile @zz_110 replied with several crying emojis, probably to express that she’s touched by the frontliner’s act, and prayed that they will be bestowed with strength and patience.

@zz_110 tweetImage credit: @zz_110

Frontliners’ selfless hard work and efforts earn praises

The MCO may have been a troublesome time for a lot of people with every individual having to go through their own set of struggles. While the purpose of the MCO was to help curb the spread of COVID-19, do remember that there is a domino effect that will impact all Malaysians. A controlled situation will ensure that frontliners can finally take a breather, businesses can open again, job opportunities will arise for the unemployed, and children can go back to school.

So let’s practise more patience, consideration, and responsibility, and help one another bounce back from this for the benefit of truly all Malaysians.

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Cover image adapted from: Khairul Jamain and @Sapik_Z

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