Malaysian frontliners show love for animals on the road

Malaysian frontliner show love for animals on the roadMalaysian frontliners rescue animals from the road
Image adapted from: PDRM & @amirarasyidahh

It’s not everyday that you see stray animals wandering out on highways. So when one is spotted, drivers often have to brace themselves against the rush of cars ready to honk them out of the way for disrupting traffic just to get the animals to safety.

And just these two days alone, we’ve seen our frontliners take this heroic path. Police officers from Shah Alam and a GrabFood driver were spotted rescuing animals from dangerous traffic on the Federal Highway and in Kuala Lumpur respectively.

PDRM stops traffic to save injured doggo on Federal Highway

The sweet story and photos of police officers rescuing an injured dog was shared on PDRM’s Facebook page on 12th June 2020 as part of their #PicOfTheDay hashtag, where they highlight the soft and kind sides of their officers.

Image credit: PDRM

The police officers from Shah Alam District were said to be monitoring the Federal Highway early this morning to ensure that there weren’t any congestion of cars on the usually busy highway.

While they were doing so, they found an injured dog that had been knocked down by a vehicle in the middle of the road. The police officers immediately stopped their motorcycles and used them to help form a barrier around the poor dog to keep it safe from the moving traffic.

Image credit: PDRM

GrabFood driver rescues hide-and-seek kitten in KL

If that act of kindness was not enough to restore your faith in humanity, a GrabFood driver was also seen rescuing a kitten in the middle of traffic in Cheras on 11th June.

The video of this do-gooder was shared on Twitter by user @amirarasyidahh, where it has garnered over 14,300 retweets and 16,400 likes at the time of writing.

It showed the food delivery rider weaving in between cars which were stuck in traffic, with his GrabFood delivery bag still strapped on his back. Those around him didn’t seem to know what was going on while he searched high and low for the kitten that had ran onto the roads.

GrabFood driver looks for lost kitten
Image adapted from: @amirarasyidahh

At the 14-second mark of the video, his search started to look like a game of hide-and-seek. The small, orange kitten can be seen popping its head out from behind the tires of a car while the delivery rider looked in another direction.

Image adapted from: @amirarasyidahh

With the help of 2 men on a motorcycle, the delivery rider was finally able to locate the kitten under the car. And as the cars were still held up in traffic, the rider easily reached the kitten to move it back to safety away from the busy road.

GrabFood driver finds kitten
Image adapted from: @amirarasyidahh

Malaysian frontliners rescue animals from traffic

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysians have been showing appreciation for our frontliners who have been working hard to keep us safe. And we’ve seen them go above and beyond, with some delivery riders rescuing a kitten from a drain, and even paying to get treated at a vet themselves, as well as police officers staging an impromptu rescue mission for a sneaky cat who was hiding in the car grille.

And these 2 new anecdotes are just another show of how our furry friends are not left behind, even as the fight against COVID-19 continues.

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