Frontliners help keep public safe in Kuala Lumpur

Malaysian frontliners carry elderly to be testedImage adapted from: Radzi Razak / Malay Mail

Malaysia has been trying to stay on top of the COVID-19 plight. And one of the country’s latest initiatives is mass screenings on the elderly being conducted nationwide during Conditional Movement Control (CMCO). 

In a similar fashion, public screenings on high-risk groups around Pudu Market in Kuala Lumpur have also begun as of 5th May 2020. It was carried out as a safety measure after crowds were spotted there. And it further showed medical workers’ dedication to fight off COVID-19, with several frontliners seen going the extra mile to ensure that the elderly are tested. 

Screening at Pudu Market sees kind acts from frontliners

According to an article by Malay Mail, over 500 residents and foreign workers living and working around the Pudu Market area in KL were screened for COVID-19. This followed after more shops started resuming business and crowds were spotted around the area. 

Frontliners assist elderly to screening booths
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DBKL and police officers are also said to be helping medical workers from Selayang Hospital and Cheras health district by summoning people from shops and residents to get tested. This is to ensure that screenings are done in an orderly manner so no new clusters are formed. 

Child screened for COVID-19A child seen getting tested for COVID-19 from the screenings.
Image credit: Xinhua

What resulted was photos and videos of frontliners assisting the elderly in the area, with one even photographed carrying an elderly woman on his back.

Malay Mail reports that the woman being carried was too weak to walk, and so she had to be carried over to a screening booth located near Pudu Market, 60 metres away from her house.

Another minute-long video posted to Facebook yesterday also showed 2 frontliners in full PPE gear reaching out to help the elderly while guiding them to screening booths. 

Frontliners assist elderly
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Franke Yap

Frontliners go the extra mile to help keep elderly & public safe

Malaysian frontliners are being hailed as heroes for all that they have been doing to keep us safe during MCO. And these frontliners seen assisting the elderly in KL to get tested for COVID-19 further proves that they are well deserving of the title as they work on to bring brighter days to Malaysians. 

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