Foodpanda rider waits for a customer in the rain

Over the years, we have heard many inspiring stories about foodpanda riders in the country, such as this disabled rider who climbed the stairs to deliver fried chicken to a customer and this group of riders helping a colleague on a bicycle in Johor.

Despite the many heartwarming stories we hear about these local heroes, a recent video of a foodpanda rider waiting for a customer in the rain has sparked a call among Malaysians to be courteous to our delivery riders when placing orders online.

Video of foodpanda rider waiting in the rain goes viral

Video credit: Amieny Ismail

On 20th August 2021, Facebook user Amieny Ismail posted a 22-second video that showed a foodpanda rider waiting in the rain at someone’s gate on the Facebook page FoodPanda Rider Malaysia.

The viral video which has garnered over 1,900 reactions, 500 comments and 300 shares at the time of writing showed a rider waiting patiently in front of a customer’s house to deliver their order even though it was raining.

It is understood that the rider had been waiting for at least five minutes as the woman behind the camera could be heard saying “It’s already five minutes but the customer is still not out yet” in Malay.

She then proceeded to say that if you’ve ordered something, to please be prepared to receive your orders from the riders when they arrive at your place, so they don’t have to spend additional time waiting for you, especially when it’s raining.

However, it’s not very clear if the rider was indeed waiting for a customer due to the length of the video. Besides, there were also some comments suggesting that the rider himself could be the customer and that he could be waiting for his wife to pick up the food.

Netizens urge fellow Malaysians to be more courteous to delivery riders

Amieny’s video has since invited a lot of feedback from Malaysians who talked about the struggles of food delivery riders in the country in the comments section.

Facebook comment about Foodpanda rider waiting in the rain
Image credit: Amieny Ismail

One netizen said it’s sad to see the rider waiting in the rain. She urged people who order food online to be on stand-by when riders deliver their food by opening the gate for them and having their phones in hand to answer calls.

Facebook comment about Foodpanda rider waiting in the rain
Image credit: Amieny Ismail

Meanwhile, another netizen commented, “Sometimes, people just don’t have feelings. They are heartless and selfish. May God bless this rider. Next time, just hang the food on the gate if they have already paid.”

Foodpanda rider waiting for a customer while it’s raining outside

It is indeed sad to see the day-to-day struggles of food delivery riders in our country as they oftentimes have to endure harsh weather to get orders delivered on time. If the foodpanda rider had indeed been waiting for a customer in the rain, we hope that everyone can show more courtesy towards our riders and plan our bookings ahead to avoid incidents like this.

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Cover image adapted from: Amieny Ismail and Amieny Ismail

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