Image adapted from: Baliami Conmigo and FoodPanda

Foodpanda rider on crutches doesn’t let his disability stop him from delivering 

We normally see food delivery riders meandering through traffic on motorcycles, dedicated to their task of sending piping hot food to customers. But how often do we come face to face with a rider on crutches? Such was the heartwarming story shared by an assistant dental officer, who met a Foodpanda rider on crutches delivering his fried chicken.

On 14 July, Baliami Conmigo, who is based in Kuala Lumpur, shared on Facebook saying that he was feeling rather lazy to leave his house to get food. He opted for food delivery from Foodpanda instead and ordered 2 pieces of fried chicken from McDonald’s.

Image credit: McDonald’s

After waiting for a while, he got a call from the rider, asking to confirm his address. It was then that the rider found out that he was on the wrong floor and had to go up another storey to reach Baliami. Baliami recounted the exchange as below: 

Image credits: Baliami Conmigo

His caption in Malay translates as:

F (FoodPanda): Bro, which floor are you on? I’m on floor 13 now.

Me: I stay on the 14th floor! Look for house number 12 on the far end of the left.

F: Is it? So I need to climb another flight of stairs. It’s okay, please wait for a while bro.

Me: Ehh, it’s fine.

When the rider finally came up to Baliami’s front door, he was shocked to find out that the rider was actually physically disabled — he had to rely on a pair of crutches to move around. The rider even apologised for being late as there was a problem with the elevators earlier.

Tipped his Foodpanda rider on crutches

Baliami was so touched when he saw his Foodpanda rider on crutches, he shared that he was almost on the brink of tears. So, he decided to give the rider a tip for delivering his fried chicken dutifully.

Image credit: Baliami Conmingo

He continued to document their dialogue,

F (Foodpanda): Brother, this is really a lot.

Me: It’s okay, brother. This is your sustenance. Thank you so much.

F: You’re welcome 😉

When the rider started making his way out, Baliami couldn’t resist but capture a short, but touching video of him walking away on his crutches.

Image credit: Baliami Conmigo

You can view the full video here.

Sobering reminder to appreciate what we have

At the end of his post, Baliami reminded us of how there are still many out there who go through difficult times to put food on their family’s table. He said that while people with disabilities can do it, those of us who aren’t physically lacking can be lazy and picky when it comes to jobs. 

He asked,

Shouldn’t we feel ashamed of ourselves?

Baliami’s post has garnered over 2,000 shares at the time of writing, evident that this inspiring story has tugged onto the heartstrings of Malaysians. His comment on the incident is an important and humbling reminder that we shouldn’t take things for granted. Especially when there are others out there who are physically lacking and yet, willing to work harder than the rest of us. 

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