Food banks and food aid packages in Klang Valley 

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on Malaysians, and things don’t seem to be taking a turn for the better yet. While we wait for things to get under control here, many are helping their struggling neighbours get by in various ways.

Along with the Bendera Putih campaign – which encouraged struggling Malaysians to raise a white flag so their neighbours can help – there are also food banks that provide basic necessities for affected individuals that often need replenishing of goods. So if you’re looking to help out, we rounded up 20 food banks and aid in Klang Valley where you can donate essentials, or refer someone to.

– Food banks –

1. Elewsmart – food banks at 22 marts

Klang Valley food banks aid - Elewsmart
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Ustaz Ebit Lew is well-known among Malaysians for helping out those in need. Another way of aiding those struggling to make ends meet in their daily lives is his chain of affordable grocery stores, Elewsmart, with food banks stocked with essential items set up outside all 22 branches located in Klang Valley.

You can drop off goods that you want to donate in person. Items seen in these food banks include necessities such as rice, shampoo and eggs, and more. And those who are struggling at this time can take what they need from these food banks.

Here’s a list of Elewsmart stores in Klang Valley.

2. BMS Organics – caring bins & free vegetarian bentos

Klang Valley food banks aid - BMS Organics
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BMS Organics

Health and food shop, BMS Organics, has Caring Bins at 5 branches in Klang Valley that pass contributed food items to families in need. Everyone is welcome to donate food – canned food, dry food, and more. These will then be distributed to needy families with the help of charity organisation, Muhibbah FoodBank Malaysia.

These bins can be found at their locations in Petaling, Puchong Jaya, Central Point, Setia City Mall and 1 Utama Shopping Centre.

BMS Organics also gives away free vegetarian Bento boxes to individuals affected by the pandemic from Tuesday to Saturday at their Bandar Puchong Utama branch. This distribution begins at 12PM. Those who want to help them out with this initiative can purchase a Giveaway Bento (RM8.80) online here, which translates into a free vegetarian Bento box placed at the counter. 

Here’s a list of BMS Organics stores.

3. BIG Pharmacy – food banks at 10 pharmacies

Klang Valley food banks aid - BIG Pharmacy
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Pharmacy chain store, BIG Pharmacy, has joined the Bendera Putih campaign. It now has 24 participating outlets nationwide, which are home to food banks. These include 10 outlets in KL and Selangor, 7 in Johor, and 1 in Negeri Sembilan and Pahang each. Those who need the food can visit the participating stores to take what they need.

For those who wish to help out, you can donate necessities at their food bank counter while their stores are open. 

Here’s a list of participating BIG Pharmacy stores in Klang Valley, and beyond.

4. Shell – food banks at 52 stations

Klang Valley food banks aid - Shell
Image credit:
Community Food Box , Sudut and Kotak Komuniti

Food boxes with non-perishable, dry foods can be found at 52 Shell petrol stations in KL and Selangor. These boxes set up as a volunteer-based project, helmed by Teddy Mobile Clinic, have been around for over a year now. Donated items will provide relief to individuals such as underprivileged students, elderly folks, and low-income individuals.

If you want to donate food, you can do so in person, or through GrabFood or FoodPanda – just be sure to inform the manager of the Shell station that you wish to deliver food to. You can also find out more on how to help out this initiative by messaging Community Food Box, Sudut and Kotak Komuniti on Facebook here

Here’s a list of Shell stations with food banks in Klang Valley.

5. Petronas – food banks at 48 stations

Klang Valley food banks aid - Petronas
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Petronas Putra Bistari

Petronas is another petrol station that has a food bank programme, with shelves at their premises stocked with essentials for the needy. Find these shelves at 48 participating stations in Klang Valley, and across Malaysia. Anyone who wishes to donate can purchase non-perishable food items, such as flour, rice, cooking oil, and drop them off at the participating Petronas stations.

Here’s a list of participating Petronas petrol stations in Klang Valley, and beyond.

6. Baan Thai Restaurant – food bank and food aid packages

Klang Valley food banks and aid - Baan Thai RestaurantImage credit: Baan Thai Restaurant

Baan Thai Restaurant is doing their part to help out during the pandemic by having a food bank at their restaurant in Cheras. Food items – including canned food, instant noodles, biscuits and sugar – often calls for a restock, so you can help out by donating similar items to them. They’ll benefit those who do not have money for food, and more.

If you spotted a white flag within a 10KM radius of their restaurant, notify them and they’ll help deliver these food items directly to those in need. You can let them know at their WeChat number or on Facebook by messaging them here. You’ll have to include the photo of the white flag at the recipient’s home, and address, with your request.

Address: No. 4, Jalan Pudu Ulu 56100 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 10AM-8PM, Daily

7. Dimsumas – food bank and free food 

Klang Valley food banks aid - Dimsumas
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Dimsumas Restaurant has been generously giving out 100 free packs of hearty meals daily to struggling individuals and those looking for food assistance in Puchong area. They do so from Mondays to Fridays, 5PM to 6PM – so notify someone in need of a meal to drop by during this time. 

Klang Valley food banks aid - Dimsumas
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Those who want to support their initiative can consider ordering your next lunch or dinner meal from their restaurant. They are a pork-free restaurant that serves local dishes such as Laksa (RM5) and Nasi Lemak (RM2). Alternatively, you can donate non-perishable food items to their food bank, also located at their restaurant. 

Address: No 14 G, Intan Road 1/4, Taman Puchong Intan, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Time: 5PM-6PM

8. I Am Yogost Malaysia 我是酸奶君 – food banks at 2 locations

Klang Valley food banks aid - I Am Yogost
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I Am Yogost The Landmark Klang 我是酸奶君

Frozen yoghurt shop I Am Yogost has food banks at their locations in Sri Petaling and Klang. At these shops, there are essential items such as eggs, biscuits, and salt, as well as canned food and beehoon, that are free to take as needed by those struggling to get groceries for themselves. The public can also donate non-perishable food items and place them here.

I Am Yogost @ Sri Petaling
Address: 45g, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, WP Kuala Lumpur
Opening hours: 11AM-7.30PM, Daily

I Am Yogost @ Klang
Address: 13a, Persiaran Batu Nilam 16, Bandar Bukit Tinggi 2, 41200 Klang, Selangor
Opening hours: 11AM-6PM, Daily

9. Petron – food banks at 9 stations

Klang Valley food banks aid - Petron
Image credit:
Petron Malaysia

Petron also added community food bank counters and bins to their petrol stations. There are currently 8 participating Petron petrol stations in Selangor and 1 in KL, and these food banks stock necessities that’ll help ease struggling individuals’ burdens. Those who want to donate can purchase necessities and drop them off in person too.

Here’s a list of participating Petron petrol stations in Klang Valley.

10. kEATchen – daily food bank from 4PM-6PM 

Klang Valley food banks aid - kEATchen
Image credit: kEATchen

kEATchen, a cloud kitchen that helps deliver food to hungry Malaysians, is offering help to those who lost their jobs and are struggling to get by with their recently launched food bank. These food banks are open from 4PM to 6PM daily, with essentials such as rice, eggs, face masks and diapers available for affected individuals to pick up.

kEATchen also accepts monetary donations via bank transfer to replenish their food bank. Donated food items – such as rice, eggs, flour, milk, potatoes, sugar and cooking oil – are also welcomed, and can be dropped off at their store.

For more information on how to help out their initiative, check out their Facebook page here.

Address: No. 8, Jalan PJU 1a/14, Taman Perindustrian Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Time: 4PM-6PM

11. Ninso – food banks at 32 outlets

Klang Valley food banks aid - NINSO
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Budget-friendly store, Ninso, has food banks at 32 stores nationwide, with necessities such as rice and instant noodles, located at their entrances for easy access. These include 9 stores in Klang Valley. The food bank counters will be around for 2 weeks, from 1st till 15th July 2021, with anyone unable to afford groceries able to take as they need. You can also donate necessities to help out by simply leaving them at the food bank counter. 

List of participating Ninso stores in Klang Valley, and beyond, here

12. Little Giraffe Story House – food bank for elderly, single mothers & more

Klang Valley food banks aid - Little Giraffe
Image credit: Little Giraffe Story House 长颈鹿故事館

Little Giraffe Story House, known for their shelves of books and quaint in-house cafe, has a food bank at their premise with the help of their community. Essentials placed at a food bank shelf here will benefit the elderly, single mothers, individuals with disabilities, and those who lost their income. Anyone is welcomed to refill their stock of food with donated items too, with common household cooking staples, including rice and cooking oil, accepted.

Address: 114, Jalan 15, Batu 11 Cheras, 43200 Cheras, Selangor
Opening hours: Wed – Mon 9AM-6PM (Closed on Tuesdays)

13. JDV Joie De Vivre – donated hot food packs

Klang Valley food banks and aid
Image credit: Food for Hope

Charity organisation, 5-Sekawan Foodbank, partnered up with Joie De Vivre Cafe (JDV) in Subang Jaya for a food bank project called Food For Hope. At their cafe, donators can leave items for others to pick up, such as canned food, biscuits, cereals, instant drinks, dry food, and essentials such as rice and cooking oil. Other staples such as potatoes and eggs, which can last up to 2 weeks, are also accepted.

These will benefit individuals who lost their jobs or are facing financial difficulties. If someone is finding it difficult to find a meal at this time, refer them here, as they are distributing fresh and hot food, such as pastries, sandwiches, and packed food, without pork or beef, from 11AM daily.

To learn how to further help their Food For Hope project, you can contact them at the following numbers listed in this Facebook post here.

Address: 8G Jalan USJ 10/1E, USJ Taipan 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Time: 8AM-8PM, Daily

14. Malakat Grocer – food banks at 7 locations

Klang Valley food banks aid - Malakat Grocer
Image credit: Malakat Grocer

Grocery store, Malakat Grocer, has “Infaq Corners” at 8 locations to lend a helping hand to those who have no income or suffered a job loss. Donators can also purchase items from their grocery store, and place them at these shelves, so others can take as needed to tide them through the pandemic.

List of participating Malakat Grocer locations in Klang Valley, and Melaka, here

Food aid packages


Klang Valley food banks aid - MR Dollar
Image credit:
MR Dollar

MR. DOLLAR has 42 stores nationwide – and all 42 of them are stepping up to distribute 1,000 food packages from 1st to 14th July 2021. 19 of their stores are located in Klang Valley, so residents who live within a 2KM radius of a store and are in need of aid can receive a food aid package from them. These packages comprise necessities such as cooking oil, instant noodles, biscuits, condiments, and coffee. 

If you want to help residents in need, who may have difficulties reaching out to them, you can contact MR. DOLLAR’s WhatsApp number, with a picture of a raised white flag outside the recipients’ homes. 

Telephone: 016-771 1079

List of MR. DOLLAR stores in Klang Valley, and beyond, here

16. 99 Speedmart

Klang Valley food banks aid - 99 Speedmart
Image credit:
99 Speedmart

99 Speedmart is where we regularly go to for affordable grocery items and more. In response to the Bendera Putih campaign, this popular mini-market is sending 1,000 food aid packages a day to those who raised a white flag from their homes, from 1st till 14th July 2021. 

Goods, such as biscuits, eggs, and Milo will be sent within 24 hours of request to those who live near a 99 Speedmart outlet.

To send a food package, you can reach out to their WhatsApp number, or send them a private message at their Facebook page here. You’ll have to include a photo of a white flag hanging outside the recipient’s home, along with a full address.

Telephone: 010-500 0099

List of 99 Speedmart stores in Klang Valley, and beyond, here


Klang Valley food banks aid - MYDINImage credit: MYDIN Malaysia

MYDIN also has food aid packages with daily necessities, such as bread, milk and canned food, for anyone struggling during the pandemic. Donators can reach out to them at their WhatsApp number to send a package to a recipient. You’ll have to attach the address and phone number of who you want to send these to, as well as a photo of their house with the white flag raised.  

This initiative will be carried out from 3rd to 16th July, with items shipped out within 24 hours to residents living within a 10KM radius of MYDIN branches.

Klang Valley food banks aid - MYDIN
Image credit: Shopee

Alternatively, to directly help someone you know instead, MYDIN also has several Combo Boxes on Shopee that you can purchase and have delivered to the address of the needy. This includes their Kita Jaga Kita Box Combo (RM30), which has 9 essential items included, such as beehoon, biscuit, cooking oil, sugar and face masks. 

Telephone: 016-241 5308

List of participating MYDIN stores in Klang Valley, and beyond, here.

18. Free Makan

Klang Valley food banks aid - Free Makan
Image credit:
Free Makan

Free Makan is a recent Brickfields Asia College’s Food Bank initiative that aims to provide low-income communities in Malaysia with food during the pandemic. For the Bendera Putih campaign, they’ve prepared food packages consisting of rice, cooking oil, flour, sugar, biscuit and instant noodles. Cooking essentials, such as beehoon, potatoes, onion and garlic, will also be included in these packs – which will be able to feed a family for 2 weeks.

If you know someone in need, or want to help out, reach out to them at their phone number.

Telephone: 012-2935722⁠

19. Econsave 

Klang Valley food banks aid - Econsave
Image credit: Econsave

Econsave will be delivering food aid packages to anyone who raised a white flag from their homes as part of the Bendera Putih campaign too. These packages will include food necessities such as rice, flour, sugar, coffee and biscuits to relief the burdens of those who lost their jobs, or are facing difficulties, due to the pandemic.

If you found a white flag flying from a residence within a 10KM radius of their store locations, send them a message on WhatsApp or on Facebook here with a photo of the flag and location address attached.

Telephone: 016-213 7387

List of Econsave stores in Klang Valley, and beyond, here.

20. Daboba

Klang Valley food banks aid - Daboba
Image credit:
Daboba Malaysia

Joining the Bendera Putih campaign is Daboba, a well-known bubble tea spot. They’ll be sending 1,000 food aid packages a day too, with goods sent within 24 hours to residents near their stores, from 2nd till 11th July 2021. Essential items that will be delivered include rice, instant noodles, eggs, canned sardine, and biscuits. 

To send this package to someone you know or came across, contact them at their WhatsApp number. You’ll have to include an address, and photo of a white flag outside the recipient’s home. 

Telephone: 011-265 8620


If you’re looking to donate to those outside Klang Valley, these initiatives are also offering food aid to those in need.

Kuching Food Aid

Klang Valley food banks aid - Kuching Food Aid
Image credit: @kuchingfoodaid

Anyone who wishes to help out vulnerable communities in Sabah can check out Kuching Food Aid. Founded during the pandemic, this community-led programme joined hands with local and rural supermarkets to provide food aid to single mothers, the elderly, those with disabilities and more in villages and longhouses there.

Monetary donations via bank transfers are accepted. This helps volunteers deliver food boxes comprising necessities such as rice, eggs, biscuits, beehoon, canned food, and more to these individuals, which is able to last them up to a week. Or opt to purchase a charity food aid box, which starts from RM27, online here, or in-person at local supermarkets in Kuching at locations listed here.

Penang Food Aid

Klang Valley food banks and aid - Penang Food Aid
Image credit: @penangfoodaid

Another community-led initiative is Penang Food Aid, which offers aid to the needy, such as the urban poor, homeless individuals, single mothers and more. Teaming up with NGOs, Women of The Future and Penang Caremongering, and Penang-based grocery shop, So Convenient Store, they are helping reach these individuals with food boxes that the public can help support too.

To help, simply purchase a Penang Food Aid Programme (RM50) box online here, which will be distributed to identified individuals in need of aid with the help of volunteers. Each box packs cooking staples, such as rice, cooking oil, and eggs. Or directly deliver these food boxes to someone you know in Penang who is struggling to put food on the table by including their address upon checkout. This will include a small delivery fee of RM3.50.

If you’re in Penang, you can also drop by a So Convenient Store location to purchase a food aid box – which you can deliver yourself, or have a volunteer pass it on to someone in need. A list of So Convenient Stores can be found here.

Donating food tips 

We all want to help out and give back to our communities. But there are also things you might want to take note of the next time you’re dropping off donations at food banks. Here are some of them: 

  • Non-perishable food items are recommended items to donate at most food banks. Common household cooking staples are rice, cooking oil, flour, instant noodles, instant drinks, biscuits, cereals, and sugar. Consider donating other food items too – such as canned food, beans, and grains – that lasts long stored too.
  • Do keep in mind expiration dates of donated food items, as it’s important to only be donating food that hasn’t gone bad. 
  • Look into donating essential personal care items too, such as sanitary pads, shampoo, body wash, diapers, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, if they are accepted at food banks.
  • Consider shopping at small businesses for things to donate, such as your local kedai runcit or mini-mart, as you’ll be helping them out while helping your community too.

Food banks and food aid packages in Klang Valley

Having access to food is a privilege not everyone has, with the pandemic only making it extra difficult for many who have been affected by it to do so. Thankfully, these businesses and individuals in Klang Valley have stepped up to the plate by setting up food banks, giving away free food, putting together food aid packages and more to help out.

So if you want to play a part in the show of kindness as well, consider dropping off what you are able to these food banks, or referring someone to get food aid – as every little bit can be a big help to someone else.

Note: Because of the EMCO implemented in most areas in Klang Valley, be sure to follow the current SOPs, including limiting excursions within 10KM radius limit of your homes. 

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Cover image adapted from: Baan Thai Restaurant and Ninso

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