Flying garbage incident in KL condo

Anyone who has neighbours will know the frustration of seeing misplaced garbage. That’s why this recent incident involving Uniqlo “spenders”, or boxers, as most Malaysians call these garments, at a condo in KL is going viral because it’s so relatable. But what makes this story stand out is that the quarrel over some misplaced boxers resulted in a plot twist and free KFC dinner after a round of civil handwritten notes debating who owned the “flying garbage”.

Plot twist in ownership of “travelling” boxers

On 6th October 2020, Facebook user Van J Edward, a resident from Singapore who lives in an unnamed condo in KL, shared a story of  the “travelling” boxers and the drama that broke out between 2 of his neighbours because of the garments.

He shared a series of photos showing the handwritten notes posted on the letterboxes of units 9-07 and 10-07 in his condo, along with a caption that said “Drama in my condo due to spender/undies”.

The first photo in the chain showed a note attached to a plastic bag of said undies. The note, written in Malay, can be translated to:

“Hi, we appeal to your good conscience to kindly stop throwing your garbage below into our house!!! Our house is not a dumping ground! Please be civilised and respectful of others. We believe you have a garbage can of your own to dump your rubbish in.” 

Flying trash in KL - note 1
Image credit:
Van J Edward

The note was posted to the letterbox of unit 10-07, and is believed to have been sent by the resident living in unit 09-07, because of the phrase “below to our house”.

A response soon came back from the neighbour who was blamed for the improperly thrown “garbage”.

The next two photos in the post showed a second handwritten note with the offending garments and a screenshot of a Facebook post with the same picture. In it, the resident living in unit 10-07 appealed to their neighbours to clear their name. They wrote, “I think you are pointing [to the] wrong person. This isn’t from my unit. I don’t recognise these items and I believe you have sent the message to the wrong letterbox.”

Reiterating that the sampah was once again not theirs, unit 10-07’s resident then added, “I hope after this, perhaps [kind sir] could investigate where the ‘garbage’ comes from before coming directly to our unit. Thanks all.”

Flying trash in KL - note 2
Image credit: Van J Edward

While situations such as this oftentimes end up dying down or result in awkward glances between neighbours, with the mystery left unsolved, this was not one of them. In fact, a plot twist to the story came after a third resident in the condo confessed that the undergarments were his. He taped a note addressing the residents in both units 09-07 and 10-07 on their letterboxes. Signing off his note with YC, he apologised for the misunderstanding and had a funny – though reasonable – explanation for the situation. He wrote:

“So sorry, [it seems that] my brothers are arguing over my ‘spenders’. The truth is, I was hanging my ‘spenders’ out to dry in the day, but unfortunately the wind was VERY STRONG and caused them to TER-FLY into unit 9-07. And then on the second day, my Uniqlo ‘spender’ went missing too. These were not the faults of unit 09-07, nor 10-07’s residents, but the STRONG WIND.”

Flying trash in KL - note 3
Image credit: Van J Edward

YC even went the extra mile to invite the “brothers from units 09-07 and 10-07” to a free KFC dinner to apologise for the misunderstanding between the two over his “flying” boxers.

Netizens cannot tahan flying garbage plot twist

Because of how hilarious the whole thing turned out, many netizens have been sharing the story on other social media platforms. A Twitter post that is gaining just as much traction as Van’s original post had many coming out to applaud how the situation was handled between the residents.

But many more were cracking up over the third resident’s use of “Ter-fly” which is a classic Manglish mashup of a Malay prefix “-ter” – which means “unintentional” – and the English word “fly”. Reactions to this was aptly summed up by Twitter user @_kxhhhh, who commented, “The moment I reached ter-fly I immediately lost it for real”, and punctuated his tweet with a series of laughing-crying emojis.

 Flying trash in KL condo - Twitter commentImage adapted from: @_kxhhhh

Some also went as far as to suggest that the story, which was told in 3 handwritten notes, was deserving of a Netflix series with 3 seasons.

Flying trash in KL condo - Twitter comment
“This 3 pictures deserve a whole 3 seasons Netflix series”

Image adapted from: @zhantafa

But many more were just curious as to how the story actually ended, and if the free KFC offer from YC was taken up by the other residents. This included Twitter user @thecocomelon, who tweeted, “I want to know how the story continues. So did the brothers accept the free KFC dinner??

Flying trash in KL condo - Twitter comment
Image adapted from: @thecocomelon

Flying garbage leads to free KFC at KL condo

While there hasn’t been a follow up Facebook post or tweet addressing the “conclusion” to the drama, we’re glad that the parties involved showed civility despite the nasty shock of finding boxers ter-flying into their apartment. And this proves that sometimes, the key to sorting out disputes is communication. All the better if it’s humorous. 

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Cover image adapted from: Van J Edward

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