Ferment Boulangerie in Ipoh

Malaysia is known as a street-food heaven. But the constant burgeoning of aesthetic bakeries in our cities show that we love a cornucopia of yeasty delights too, from old-school fluffy buns to crusty baguettes.

If you think you’ve eaten your way through the lot, you’ll be thrilled to hear of this new artisan bakery in Ipoh called Ferment Boulangerie.

This charming bakehouse whips up classic French and Italian pastries such as sourdough and focaccia, as well as a variety of tartines and many other freshly baked goods and sweet pastries. Their list of in-house products aren’t limited to doughy carbs – they also produce a range of flavoured butters and kombuchas.

Here’s what you can expect to feast on at this bakery.

A rustic bakery in Ipoh

Ferment Boulangerie - counter
Image credit: Ferment Boulangerie

Ferment Boulangerie is a relatively new bakery that many might have yet to visit, as it only opened its doors to the public back in December 2021. Nonetheless, it’s hard to miss the beautiful wooden entrance of the bakery while you’re driving along Lebuh Cecil Rae in Taman Canning, where it has been welcoming patrons looking to get an authentic bread fix.

Ferment Boulangerie - exterior
Image credit: @ban_siang

Capturing the look of an artisan bakery perfectly, this neighbourhood bakery has a chic interior that feels somehow rustic with mahogany wood counters that compliment its front doors.

Coupled with rattan chairs and floor-to-ceiling windows, the space exudes a homey vibe – offset by the shelves lined with rows of mouthwatering baked goods with price tags.

Ferment Boulangerie - interior
Image credit: @_carmenyong_

Freshly baked sourdough & tartines

Ferment Boulangerie - food
Image adapted from: Ferment Boulangerie & @perlicious.ig

Here, sourdough is the name of their game. One of their winning loaves is the Cranberry Multigrain Sourdough (RM23) – a crusty hunk of loaf flecked with pumpkin and sunflower seeds, and studded with ruby bursts of cranberry.

Another signature is the Fermented Honey and Oats Sourdough (RM24), which is perfect for health-conscious individuals. The Rosemary Walnut Raisins Sourdough (RM21) is another bread worth a try, as the flavours of the herbs, walnuts, and raisins blend nicely together.

Their dine-in menu is also worth checking out, as it offers heartier options for those looking to enjoy the bakery’s ambience a little longer. A hefty slab of their herb-speckled and cheese-topped Sourdough Focaccia (RM12) will surely fill you up for breakfast. 

Ferment Boulangerie - sourdough
Image credit: Ferment Boulangerie

The boulangerie also serves speciality tartines, which is a slice of their toasted homemade sourdough topped with a range of savoury ingredients.

Tuck into the Pesto Salmon (RM24) – a pesto-smeared sourdough topped with smoked salmon, red radish, and an Onsen egg – or the Avo Smash (RM21), where tangy sourdough toast acts as the foundation for the medley of creamy avocado smash, candied beef bacon, pickled red onions, and feta cheese.

Don’t miss out on the sweet offerings either. Be sure to try the classic Tiramisu (RM15) if you fancy an after-meal treat with a touch of coffee flavour, or settle on a generous slice of Strawberry Shortcake (RM14.90) or Chocolate Indulgence (RM14.90) that’s displayed enticingly on their counter.

Flavoured butters and fresh honey

While their glorious yeasty goodness has been attracting patrons, Ferment Boulangerie also offers many other in-house products.

Ferment Boulangerie - productsImage credit: @thongthongqiang

A perfect companion to the delectable sourdough are the bakery’s range of butters that come in four flavours – Truffle Mushroom Butter (RM39), Kombu Miso Butter (RM32), Caramelised Onion Butter (RM28), and Lemon Dill Butter (RM28).

Ferment Boulangerie - butter
Image adapted from: Ferment Boulangerie & Ferment Boulangerie

Besides the fermentation of sourdough, they also ferment a series of uniquely flavoured kombucha, a refreshing drink that’ll help wash down the sugary or carb-filled delights. These are available in four flavours for RM15 per bottle, with options including Purple Mary that is a concoction of rosemary and grape, Strawberry Dazzle – a fizzy strawberry drink with a hint of passion – or Golden Hour, an apple-cinnamon flavoured kombucha.

Another signature item you’ll see on their shelves is Trigona Honey (RM139) – the bakery’s very own fermented sweetener that’s sourced from the deep forests of Borneo, and directly bottled and sold fresh.

Ferment Boulangerie, a rustic bakery in Ipoh

If you’re looking for a new bakery to visit for a change of scene from your preferred haunt in Ipoh, give Ferment Boulangerie a try. Whether you’re deliberating to treat yourself to a light but tasty brunch or you’re just stopping by to bring a fresh loaf home, this authentic bakery has a range of freshly baked treats to satiate your appetite for carbs.

Address: 13, Lebuh Cecil Rae, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Perak
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 016-704 7405
Ferment Boulangerie’s Facebook | Instagram

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Cover image adapted from: Ferment Boulangerie, Ng Ee Ven / Google Maps & _carmenyong_

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