‘FamilyMart Mini’ vending machines with snacks & drinks

FamilyMart has become a crowd-favourite food haunt in Malaysia, due to its wide array of Japanese snacks and steaming Oden bowls. We can now easily find a store near us to fuel up on their convenience store offerings too – with a drive-through FamilyMart outlet even opening up in Klang not too long ago.

Making it even more convenient for patrons to grab a bite of their Onigiri, sandwiches and desserts is their new FamilyMart Mini Smart Kiosk, stocked with these snacks and beverages. The first set of vending machines dishing out these treats can be found at a Shell Station Karak Highway 2.

FamilyMart mini smart kiosk, stocked with snacks and beverages

FamilyMart Malaysia revealed their first pair of vending machines, FamilyMart Mini – Smart Kiosk, on their verified Facebook page on 2nd September 2021. The first of location for the machines are at Shell Karak Highway 2.

But not to worry for those feeling left out on the new and convenient way to grab their snacks – FamilyMart also shared with their followers to “stay tuned for more locations coming your way!” in the same Facebook post.

FamilyMart launches vending machine - vending machineImage credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

Much like the FamilyMart convenience stores that we know and frequent, the vending machines come stocked with freshly made Onigiri, sandwiches and desserts for those feeling hunger pangs after a drive or while fuelling up their vehicles with petrol.

Besides their various options of Onigiri, there are pastries such as sausage rolls and parmesan-topped chicken slice buns to choose from too.

FamilyMart launches vending machine - food
Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

There are also cold beverages, such as bottled milk tea and lattes, as well as yoghurt drinks, to add to your purchase pile. For those with a sweet tooth, desserts such as Black Forest Sando and Japanese Swiss Roll can also be found here.

FamilyMart launches vending machine - vending machine
Image credit: FamilyMart Malaysia

The smart kiosk is self-operated, but it won’t be too difficult to navigate it as it works much like other vending machines you’ll bump into. Simply choose what you want to grab, pay for your snacks, and pick them up below.

You’ll want to note that the vending machines operate completely cashless, so come prepared with a credit or debit card. If not, e-wallet payments are also accepted.

‘FamilyMart Mini’ vending machines

FamilyMart is where many of us go to pick up snacks and drinks to fill up our tummies. So it’s exciting to hear that they launched a new pair of vending machines at Karak Highway 2 for an easier way to grab their food on the go, with more locations by the Japanese convenience store to be announced too.

Address: PT 5946, Lebuhraya Karak, 68100, Selangor
Opening hours: 24 hours, daily

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Cover image adapted from: FamilyMart Malaysia

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