FamilyMart gives out free sofuto

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Malaysians have taken up FamilyMart as our mamak 2.0. We naturally gravitate to their bright green and white signboards because we know the store’s home to some delicious and affordable snacks such as oden and onigiri. 

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And if you’re a December baby, you’ll have 1 more reason to make a beeline to your nearest FamilyMart because you can redeem a free sofuto in a flavour of your choice, either Matcha or the newer Belgian Dark Chocolate – and spend the RM3.90 on more oden!

Become a FamilyMart member

We know what you’re thinking – that FamilyMart can’t possibly be giving out free ice cream with no strings attached. Well, you’re partially right – first, you do have to sign up for a FamilyMart membership to get your free soft serve. But once you’re a member, there is really zero cost to this offer.  

And 5 minutes is just what you need to get your free treat. Download the FamilyMart app to sign up for an account. Correctly input your birthdate, and once everything’s done, you’ll find the coupon under the “Rewards” tab. 

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The coupon can be redeemed on any day of the month. After all, birthdays are too special to be a one-day-only affair. So when you’re ready to treat yourself to your free sofuto, just tap the “Redeem Now” on the app to reveal a QR code that you will need to present to the cashier. 

Just remember to make your next FamilyMart visit before the year ends, as the coupon is only valid till 31st December 2019

Spread the word to fellow December babies

Even if you’re not a December baby, help spread the word along, and you might just be able to get a free bite from a friend who is one.

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FamilyMart became as loved as it is now for its addictive sofuto and oden
Image credit: @familymartmy

Besides the free ice cream, there are more FamilyMart discounts for everyone to enjoy. For one, they’re currently having a 25% store opening discount at their Prima Avenue, Cyberjaya and Nadi Putrajaya outlets. The discount applies only for selected products, such as some of their signature ones like Sofuto Ice Cream and Brown Sugar Bubble Milk. Get more information here.

Download the FamilyMart app for iPhones and Android phones.

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