Malaysian family feeds stray dogs every day

It’s heartening to know that a lot of Malaysians are animal lovers. There are always uplifting stories of kind souls who go out of their way to provide and care for our furry friends, such as the uncle who cycles to feed stray cats in Sungai Besar and the GrabFood rider who took his cats out on the job because he’s scared that they’ll be lonely at home.

Another wholesome story to add to the list today includes a Malaysian family who brings big buckets of rice to feed stray dogs and puppies. What’s even more adorable is that the family cuddles the dogs too, while they’re at it.

The whole family feeds and plays with the stray dogs

The moving sight was documented by Facebook user Sing Jia who uploaded several pictures of the family feeding and playing with a bunch of stray dogs. The post was shared with a Chinese caption that can be translated as, “This Indian family will bring food for the stray dogs to eat every day. It really touches my heart and their kind spirit is something that we can all learn from.”

sing jia facebook postImage credit: Sing Jia

Sing Jia’s pictures showed a family comprising of a few adults, a couple of teenage girls, and a child transporting 2 big buckets of rice in their car boot. They even brought banana leaves as feeding “plates” for the stray dogs to eat out of.

family feeding stray dogs rice
Image credit: Sing Jia

In another sequence of pictures from what seems like a different day, the family also brought milk for the puppies and kibbles for the older canines.

family feeding puppies milk
Image credit: Sing Jia

family feeding stray dogs
Image credit: Sing Jia

Netizens touched by heartwarming act

Hundreds of netizens who stumbled upon the post were touched by the family’s heartfelt gesture. Many took the time to express their admiration and wish them well in the comments section. This includes user Cw Lee who praised the family for being loving and wished them abundant blessings.

cw lee facebook comment Image credit: Cw Lee

Netizen Cassandra Tan also chimed in with a comment in Chinese. Her comment can be translated as, “This is a very touching scene. The kids are taught well, to love and care for animals.”

cassandra tan facebook commentImage credit: Cassandra Tan

Family touches hearts by feeding stray dogs every day

Stray dogs in Malaysia foraging around trash for food is not that uncommon a sight here. But families like the one Sing Jia saw have big hearts to make the trip to feed the dogs every day, to ensure they don’t go hungry. And we hope that these kind acts will inspire more people to embrace our stray animals too.

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Cover image adapted from: Sing Jia

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