Eslite Bookstore set to open in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysians are pretty lucky when it comes to shopping for books, with book cafes and cheap paperbacks available for local bookworms to indulge themselves in. Now we’ll have another book haunt spot in KL to add to our list in 2022: Eslite Bookstore. This famous bookstore chain from Taiwan, known for its massive bookshelves, cafes, and lifestyle products, is set to open up in Kuala Lumpur soon.

Bookstore in Taiwan with photographable spots & cafes

In case you haven’t heard about Eslite Bookstore from Taiwan yet, it’s one of the largest book retailers there that offers a wide selection of books, including Chinese and English books. 

So it’s not surprising that it’s become a spot for many to add to their itinerary lists while visiting Taiwan. The bookstore chains’ outlets often feature massive winding bookshelves that look just like a modern version of Beauty & The Beast’s library. 

Eslite Bookstore
Eslite Bookstore outlet in Taiwan
Image credit: Taiwan News  

There are also more than just books to browse from at their outlets, with stationery, clothes, kitchenware, home appliances, and artisanal products for sale too. Some outlets even house photographable spots, with art installations often featured.

This is not all surprising either, as the bookstore even has a contemporary art gallery branch called Eslite Gallery

Stationery and art murals at Eslite Bookstore in TaiwanStationery and an art installation seen at an Eslite Bookstore outlet in Taiwan
Image adapted from: @dizzythanhle & Focus Taiwan

There are also in-house cafes, including one called a Tea Room, at several of its bookstore outlets for bookworms to sip on Oolong and English Breakfast teas while browsing through their purchases. A selection of baked goods are also available to nibble on, including macaroons, fruit tarts, and cakes.  

Tea Room at Eslite Bookstore in Taiwan
Tea Room in Taiwan
Image credit: Eslite Bookstore 

Eslite Bookstore set to open in The Starhill in Bukit Bintang, KL, in 2022

According to Insider Retail, the Eslite Bookstore outlet is reported to be around 3,300-6,600 square meters big – that’s about the size of 6 to 12 basketball courts. And a press release from the company has confirmed that the outlet will be located in high-end mall, The Starhill, in downtown KL, and its opening is tentatively scheduled for 2022.

This means that we can expect to see our share of English and Chinese books, as well as some of the bookstores’ popular features in Taiwan right in our own backyard.

Reading lounges in Eslite Bookstore
There’s also cozy reading rooms at its outlets
Image credit: Living Nomads 

While a previous version of this article said that the bookstore outlet is set to open sometime in 2021, a spokesperson from Eslite has clarified that the tentative opening date is likely to be in 2022, as there are foreseeable delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But Malaysians can still take pride in the fact that we’ll be the first ones to have the Eslite Bookstore outlet in Southeast Asia

Other outlets outside of Taiwan are situated in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Japan. 

Eslite Bookstore in Hong KongEslite Bookstore in Hong Kong is considered one of its largest bookstores there
Image credit: The HoneyCombers

While Taipei Times shared that Malaysia was chosen as the location for its latest bookstore because 25% of the population is Chinese, the bookstore does carry books from other languages too, to cater to our multi-racial country. 

First Eslite Bookstore in SEA in Malaysia

No doubt, those in Taiwan were probably bummed out to hear news of several outlets closing there, including its famous 24-hour flagship outlet in Dunnan. But the joy of books has definitely been spread to us with news of an Eslite Bookstore opening in Malaysia in the near future. 

So while bookworms already have the option of getting their books from online bookstores during the Conditional Movement Control Order (CMCO), we’ll have one more thing to look forward to and shop at once we finally have virus-free streets. 

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Featured image adapted from: @eslite_global & @retailinasia

Note: A previous version of this article indicated that the outlet was due to open in 2021. 

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