ESCAPE Cameron Highlands set to open in 2023

ESCAPE is a theme park with branches in PJ and Penang that’s well-known for their thrilling obstacle courses. Their theme park in Penang also happens to be home to the longest tube water slide in the world, as recognised by the Guinness World Records.

Come 2023, there will be a new Escape theme park in town – ESCAPE Cameron Highlands. This new park, located in the chilly highlands of Pahang, will open with five European-themed villages and over 20 attractions – including a ski lift and dry ski slope, so Malaysians can get a taste of skiing our perpetual summer weather. 

ESCAPE Cameron Highlands set to open in 2023, spanning 60 acres

It’s safe to say that those who frequent Cameron Highlands will not miss out on the opportunity to drop by a tea plantation or strawberry farm. There’ll be a new attraction in town once 2023 rolls around – ESCAPE is planning to open a new theme park, ESCAPE Cameron Highlands, here during the first half of 2023.

The park will be spearheaded by Sim Leisure Group, the developer behind recognisable theme parks around the world such as ESCAPE Penang, LEGOLAND Malaysia, and Universal Studios Singapore.

Escape Cameron Highlands to open in 2023 - park layout
Image credit: The Star

Their new RM100 million venture, ESCAPE Cameron Highlands, will join this line-up as an environmentally sustainable theme park with fun features similar to other existing ESCAPE parks in Malaysia.

It’ll focus on their “low tech, high fun” motto where visitors can immerse themselves in gravity-defying obstacle courses such as bungee slides and vertical slides to take a break from their fast-paced city life. The park is set to be a family-friendly attraction, and a spot where individuals can immerse themselves in nature too, as reported by The Star.

Escape Cameron Highlands to open in 2023 - obstacle courses
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Development for the new theme park, spanning 60 acres – about the size of 45 football fields – will be carried out in three or four phases. This is so more attractions can be added to existing ones for thrill seekers to check out upon each new visit, as reported by New Straits Times on 2nd August 2021.

It’ll also be the first of many theme parks currently in the works, with plans for an ESCAPE Kuala Lumpur next, along with six or seven other parks in Klang Valley, too.

However, there is no mention of a launch date nor the exact location for the next park in KL yet.

Escape Cameron Highlands to open in 2023 - European villages
Image credit: Youtube / TrendGrnd

The first development phase for ESCAPE Cameron Highlands, which costs over RM15 million, will take over 15-18 months to finish. Construction is expected to begin in December 2021, to ensure that doors can be opened to the public in 2023, with 200,000 visitors projected to visit the park in its first year of operation.

However, like the KL park, there is no set date or location announced for ESCAPE Cameron Highlands yet.

European-heritage theme and 20 attractions

Nonetheless, there are many things that thrill seekers can look out for. The new theme park will take on a European-heritage concept – not far off from the quaint cottages that you can already see speckled across Cameron Highlands.

It’ll comprise of five European-themed villages to explore upon its opening – Iberian, British, Balkan, Nordic and Alpine villages.

Escape Cameron Highlands to open in 2023 - ski
Image credit: Edge Prop 

20 attractions are currently planned for the theme park too. This includes a 1.2km ski lift that takes visitors up the hill to try out the outdoor dry ski slope facility, as reported by Edge Prop. This will definitely be a novel experience for Malaysians yet to try out this sport that usually takes place on snowy slopes.

Other attractions will include notable ones currently available at other ESCAPE theme parks, such as Gravityplay and Adventureplay. To accommodate out-of-towners from KL and the like making the two-and-a-half hour drive out up to Cameron Highlands, the theme park is set to have accommodation and rental offerings for gear and more too.

Escape Cameron Highlands to open in 2023 - ski slope
Image credit: Youtube / TrendGrnd

ESCAPE Cameron Highlands set to open in 2023 with over 20 attractions

It’s been a year or so since Malaysians have been able to take part in tourism activities on our own shores and abroad. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look forward to a time where we are all able to safely go out and check out new openings – such as ESCAPE Cameron Highlands, with its European-themed villages and attractions, set to open in 2023. 

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