Durianity – durian restaurant in Puchong

Durianity in Puchong

Malaysians’ all-encompassing love for durians is so great that we had no qualms when Tealive pushed out its Durian Bubble Tea and Pizza Hut included Durian Cheese Pizza on its menu. 

But as durians are seasonal, we’re often left wanting more of these creamy fruits when the dry spell hits. Thankfully, Durianity – a durian-inspired restaurant in Puchong that serves interesting durian combos on its menu as well – offers Raub Musang King durians (MSK) to its customers all year round. 

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Durian Signature menu – Nasi Lemak & Fried Rice with MSK

Durianity’s Durian Signature Menu is made up of over 9 dishes with MSK incorporated into classic Malaysian dishes. 

Durianity in Puchong

This includes MSK Nasi Lemak (RM28.90), which is a combination of mildly-spicy chicken curry, sweet sambal, and pandan rice. It’s topped with a delicious durian fritter. Another must-try dish is the BBQ MSK Durian with Fried Rice (RM25.90) that comes with a generous serving of wok-fried rice topped with a large, lightly-torched piece of MSK durian as well. 

Durianity in PuchongThe durian has a charred sweetness and creamy texture that complements the savoury fried rice

Some other interesting combos on this list are MSK Durian Cheesy French Fries (RM14.90) with a decadent durian-and-cheese sauce, and Salted Egg MSK Durian Chicken with Rice (RM17.90) that has durian-infused salted egg sauce poured over crispy chicken. 

And if you’re planning to visit Durianity with someone who isn’t as enthusiastic about durians as you are, there are regular Western and Asian dishes food here, such as Curry Prawn with Rice (RM19.90) and Cheese Sausage Marinara Spaghetti (RM14.90).

Durian desserts – crepes and paos

It’s hard to go wrong with durian desserts, and the MSK Crepe (RM18 for 3 pcs) proves just that. A thin sheet of crepe forms the covering for the generous portion of cold whipped cream and durian inside. 

Durianity in Puchong

There’s also MSK Milkshake (RM26.90), which comes with sago pearls and a large piece of durian on whipped cream. And don’t leave without trying the MSK Lava Bun (RM8) that comes with an oozing durian-custard filling. 

Durianity in Puchong

For a quick, refreshing snack against the year-round Malaysian heat, get the durian soft-serve ice cream. The MSK (RM6.50/cone) and XO (RM5.50/cone) soft-serves are 2 flavours that many drop by the restaurant for. Other soft-serve flavours include Mango and Strawberry (RM7.90/cone).

Durianity in Puchong

All things durian at Durianity

Durianity in Puchong

Durian lovers can indulge in peace at Durianity with the slew of interesting durian food combos available here. And if that’s not enough, you can pick up cushions (RM39.90) with adorable durian emojis. There are other durian-infused products, such as 3-in-1 coffees, siew pau with durian filling, and durian candies with prices ranging from RM9-RM40

Durianity in Puchong

Not to mention, the restaurant’s ambiance is relaxed for those who need a place to kick back during the afternoons. Partly open concept, it is airy and spacious, and has ample seating spaces indoors and outdoors to accommodate customers.

Durianity in Puchong

So drop by Durianity if you’ve been craving durian recently and can’t wait until durian season hits Malaysia again.

Address: G21, IOI Boulevard, Jalan Kenari 6, Puchong, 47170 Puchong, Selangor
Opening hours: 11AM-11PM, Daily
Telephone: 012-522 8611

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Photography by Janet Cho.

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