Man surprises food delivery riders with duit raya

A week ago, many Malaysians witnessed one of the most memorable Hari Raya celebrations after a two-year hiatus on full-blown balik kampung trips and family gatherings.

As many excitedly headed back to their hometowns to meet their loved ones, one kind-hearted Malaysian decided to put smiles on the faces of food delivery riders who worked tirelessly till the very last day of Ramadan, before the big festival.

He performed a magic trick for each rider – by turning a piece of paper into cold hard cash, and gifting it to them as duit raya after receiving his order.

M’sian man turns paper into real money

Man surprises riders with duit raya
Video credit: @thevainliew

On 29th April 2022, Malaysian TikToker Vain Liew posted a 3-minute, 5-second long video of him performing magic tricks to surprise several food delivery riders with money.

The heartwarming video unfolds with Vain asking Malaysians how the riders would react if he used a transformation trick he had performed before on his TikTok account, to gift duit raya in light of the Hari Raya festival.

He recorded the video with several riders and captured their reactions after the food delivery. The trick started with the TikToker holding his wallet and a piece of white paper on the palm of his hand.

He simply tapped his wallet on the paper, instantly turning the latter into a RM10 note.

Puts a smile on riders’ faces with his kind gesture

TikToker performs magic trick
Image credit: @thevainliew

The trick caught the riders by surprise, as they can be heard laughing and wowing upon seeing the money. One of them even asked, “Hey, how did you do that?” out of surprise, and proceeded to whip his phone out to record the incident.

But the best part of the video was when the riders realised the money was a gift for them.

Many were in disbelief at first when they heard “This is for you” as Vain handed them the money. But after he reassured them that it was his little offering to brighten their days, they gladly accepted and thanked him.

Since its posting, the viral video has amassed over 300,000 views and more than 30,000 likes on TikTok. Many Malaysians were touched by Vain’s kind gesture to offer duit raya to the riders who work tirelessly in harsh weather conditions.

Netizens also left plenty of positive comments praising the TikToker for his thoughtfulness.

Showing appreciation for hardworking Malaysians

It’s always nice to come across people like Vain, who take the extra mile to show their appreciation to fellow Malaysians who break a sweat to earn a living, such as food delivery riders. His simple act of kindness to put a smile on others’ faces, and ignite joy with his magic trick, is truly exemplary.

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Cover image adapted from: @thevainliew, @thevainliew and @thevainliew

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