Duddells LewisGene cheesecakes

Cheesecakes are one of those desserts that is classic yet trendy at the same time. With the variety of flavours available, it’s hard to find one that won’t tantalise your tastebuds, be it the old-school New York cheesecake, or the experimental charcoal burnt cheesecake. 

Tucked away in Kepong is a cafe by the name of Duddells LewisGene, known for their wide variety of cheesecake flavours that are bound to have lovers of the dessert salivating. 

Duddells LewisGene is a cafe with cosy, comfy vibes 

duddells lewisgene - interior

Duddells LewisGene is not an Insta trap. But you’ll definitely be able to score some nice photos here, with its wood-heavy and whimsical decor elements such as exposed lightbulbs and plants hanging from the ceilings and a partition displaying a host of potted plants.

The environment is clean, comfortable, and unpretentious to keep the focus on their cakes, the stars of the menu.

duddells lewisgene - shopfront

–  Cheesecake flavours to try  –

1. Volcano Burnt – RM16.90

Duddells LewisGene - volcano burnt

The Volcano Burnt is Duddells’s signature burnt cheesecake and a crowd favourite. The top layer is made with mascarpone cream cheese, while a tinge of alcohol is added into the cake mix to enhance its flavour. 

The cake is creamy with a soft centre, but the taste of alcohol is entirely undetectable. Since just a few drops of alcohol is used, the cake is perfectly safe for kids to consume, too.

We liked how the mascarpone cream cheese layer on top makes for a unique variation from usual burnt cheesecakes with their regular charred top.

2. Portugie – RM15.90

Duddells LewisGene - portugie

Adopting a similar concept to Portugese egg tarts, Duddells’s Portugie cheesecake also has a caramelised top.

Unlike the Volcano Burnt with its creamy melt-in-your-mouth texture, the Portugie has a denser texture. There are also raisins at the bottom, which adds a surprising hint of sweetness to the cake.

3. Double Ells Chocolate – RM15.90

Duddells LewisGene - double ells chocolate

As its name suggests, the Double Ells Chocolate is a rich chocolate cheesecake made with dark chocolate and milk chocolate. There are also 2 other types of unnamed chocolate in it, so that its recipe remains a secret.

Mixing cheese and 4 types of chocolate in a cake may sound overwhelming but the slice is pleasantly not too sweet nor bitter, and is a delectable snack to enjoy, whether you’re a chocolate lover or not.

4. Sexy Crispy – RM15.90

Duddells LewisGene - sexy crispy

This cheesecake’s name is derived from one of its main ingredients, chocolate rice crisps. The Sexy Crispy is lighter than the other cheesecakes on the menu as it’s made with less cheese. 

The layers of the cake are alternated between chocolate rice crisps and cheese with little bits of chocolate.

We expected the cake to have a crunch because of the rice crisps but the crisps resemble and taste more like coconut shavings instead. It’s interesting enough to warrant a try but don’t expect it to have the kind of bite or texture that its name suggests. 

5. Matcha Lemon Burnt – RM17.90

Duddells LewisGene - matcha lemon burnt

Matcha and lemon is a combo that’s rarely heard of but don’t let that intimidate you. The Matcha Lemon Burnt tastes a lot like a sweet matcha flavour, as the “lemon” part of the cake is not sour at all. There’s just a refreshing hint of citrus to combat the heaviness of cheese and rich matcha, while the texture is similar to the Volcano Burnt cheesecake – creamy all over.

6. Key Lime – RM15.90

Duddells LewisGene - key lime

The Key Lime cheesecake is inspired by the key lime pie, as the chef astutely observed that Malaysians are more accustomed to cakes, and not many are big on pies.

There’s a sharp lime taste, but not in an off-putting, acidic way. It’s just a nice tinge of sourness, which really complemented the sweetness of the cheesecake.

7. Peppermint Oreo – RM15.90

Duddells LewisGene - peppermint oreo

Mint lovers will thoroughly enjoy this cheesecake as every bite has a distinct minty taste. The Oreo crumbs provide a soft crunch to the cake, though the usual sweetness of Oreo biscuits is overpowered by the mint – in a good, not jelak way.

Illusion Coffee – RM15.90 

Duddells LewisGene - illusion coffee

We recommend pairing your cheesecakes with the Illusion Coffee. Made with honey, espresso, milk, and a cocoa ball, you pour a shot of espresso on to the cocoa ball to break it before sampling the beverage.

Duddells LewisGene - illusion coffee

It tastes like an iced Americano with a slight acidic coffee flavour, with the cocoa powder adding a fragrant aroma to the drink. It pairs well with Duddells’s cheesecakes as the Illusion Coffee has a more bitter note, which balances out the sweetness of the desserts. 

Duddells LewisGene is a must-visit for cheesecake lovers

Whether you like your cheesecakes the classic way or you prefer more trendy flavours, Duddells LewisGene is a one-stop cafe to fulfill all your cheesecake cravings. 

They’re innovative and not afraid to come up with quirky new renditions, while still offering crowd favourites to keep people coming back for more.

Address: Residensi Fortune Perdana, No. G7, Jalan Metro Perdana Barat, Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan
Opening hours: Tue – Sun 11.30AM-10.30PM | Sat 11.30AM-11PM (Closed on Mondays)
Telephone: 018-388 1377

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Photography by Amanda Looi and Danny Ko

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