Dolphins seen swimming in Port Dickson

Dolphins spotted in Port Dickson
Image adapted from:
Zairul Khalil

While Malaysians have gotten used to staying at home during Movement Control Order (MCO), the same can’t be said for our wildlife. From monkeys spotted swimming in pools to cows seen social distancing at banks, animals are seeing a silver lining in it and a newfound freedom. 

More recently, dolphins are topping the list of animals on the loose in Malaysia during MCO after a pod of dolphins was seen swimming in Port Dickson waters. And it’s likely due to a decrease in human activity during this time. 

Less human activity sees dolphins in PD waters

It wasn’t too long ago that clearer skies was reported in Malaysia with an 80% decrease in car traffic. Many have been celebrating these environmental wins, and with more to celebrate after 4 dolphins were seen swimming close to the shores of Port Dickson.

The video was shared on Facebook by a netizen to a Port Dickson Area Group. While many usually have to pay to see dolphins in aquariums, those who caught them on camera had a view of all 4 of these water creatures popping in and out of calm open waters.

Dolphins 1
Image credit:
Zairul Khalil

According to a report by Bernama on 7th May 2020, these dolphins are said to often stay far from the coasts of Port Dickson beaches. It’s no surprise as it is a popular spot for locals to catch rays of sun and indulge in street food. 

But they dared to venture closer to land during MCO because of the recent reduction of human activity on land and water.

Dolphins 2
Image credit:
Zairul Khalil

While strange to many, this isn’t actually an odd sight for fishermen in the area or the Negeri Sembilan Fisheries Department (NGFD) on regular days. Dolphins often make an appearance so those fishing here know not to disturb them as they are considered protected species. 

Hundreds of turtle eggs also spotted in PD

This also follows news of turtle eggs found at popular tourist beaches in Port Dickson on 4th May 2020. According to NGFD’s Facebook page, over 228 turtle eggs had been found, with 110 of them from unknown species.

Turtle eggs in Port Dickson
Turtle eggs found on beaches in Port Dickson that had been transferred over to marine conservation centres to be incubated.
Image adapted from: NGFD 

Just like dolphins, these turtle eggs have been spotted in PD before, although scarce. But they are said to often avoid these beaches because of human development and light pollution. 

Dolphins & turtle eggs seen at Port Dickson beaches

We all know and love Port Dickson for its beaches. So it was more than uplifting for many as these wildlife appearances are extremely rare. But it only goes to show another silver lining of MCO that is making us grateful that the earth gets a little break so wildlife can thrive at this time.

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